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What made you choose to do an elective at UNC?

“I applied to electives at UNC because it is worldwide known university due to its great contributions in science especially in hematology and oncology which are the fields I love and want to pursue. I wanted to know more about the pathophysiology of the hematological diseases and the elective in hematopathology was just perfect. The selection for the elective was fair and very organized.

During my time at UNC I could talk to incredible doctors that guided me to became a better doctor. I totally recommend the hematopathology elective at UNC because the faculty is amazing they really make you a part of the team and as so you feel like a resident (which I want to became soon !!), also you can interact with different Doctors from different specialities. I had the opportunity to present a cases and a lecture, also I reviewed slides, and learned about the newest diagnostic methods (awesome).

Finally I want to thank you all the UNC for the great lessons that I will take through out my life !! There is only one BIG problem with this elective: time will pass really fast and as soon as you see your time will be over but the memories and friendship, which will be great, will last.

I was expecting a good rotation, but not THIS good. The city is great, the people are so nice- everything has just been amazing.”