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Course Number:  GLBE 403

Course Title: Fever in the Tropics: A Tropical Medicine Mini-Course

Who can Participate?: 4th year Medical Students

Course description: Clinical

Located at University of Arusha Medical Center, Arusha Tanzania

Learning Objectives: To discuss the importance of malaria as a consideration in patients presenting with febrile illness in the Tropics. 2. To describe public health measures aimed at preventing malaria. 3. To recognize and explain the burden HIV disease in Sub-Saharan Africa. 4. To diagnose and appropriately treat malaria, typhoid, tuberculosis, and brucellosis, among other infectious diseases. 5. To diagnose and appropriately treat a variety of skin and soft tissue infections, including cellulitis and tinea, etc. 6. To compare and contrast the delivery of medical care in a resource-limited setting versus that of the United States.

Learning Activities: Independent study: Assigned readings (pre-travel) and completion of an online preparatory program “The practitioner’s guide to global health” 2. International practicum (To be done at the University of Arusha Medical Center, Arusha, Tanzania) 3. Development of a scholarly project to be conducted at clinical site.

Evaluation: 1. Direct clinical observation *Patient interviews and examinations *Presentation of patient encounters *Administration of procedures and laboratory studies 2. Written, summative evaluation

Requirements: By Permission Only. Students must contact Dr. Myers at least 6 months prior to the start of the rotation. Please contact Kari Corker to make arrangements.

Course Director: Justin Myers. Contact Kari Corker/ / 919-843-8067

Course Credit: Yes, 6 credit hours

Time of Year & duration: 2 months