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Why did you chose UNC?

UNC features one of the top Medical schools in the US. I did some research while applying for electives and so that definitely made a mark in where I was applying for my electives. The University website seemed friendly, plus the University was located in Chapel Hill which was considered to be one of the most beautiful places in the US according to many people. So, the place was a major attraction because I wanted to see Chapel Hill and I’d never been here.

Highlights about your elective:

My current elective is MEDI 414, which is Pulmonary Consult Service, it’s a really good elective if you are interested in Pulmonary Medicine as one of your future career goals. It’s not very busy either, so you have time to look around and explore the place. And I would like to say that the fellows are really good and they’re helpful. The attendings are very nice, when there’s not any active patient encounter going on they’re very eager to help and teach you and you can always read up and ask them about the different topics and you can learn more from the attendings. They’re really knowledgeable. Whenever you’re not busy in consult service you can always attend the inpatient pulmonary service also. They’re open to elective students from consults and you can round with them and you can attend clinics too.

It’s a great elective, and I really enjoyed it.

Some things you wish you had known:

While applying you may want to choose inpatient pulmonary services as the elective and not consults because you can have a greater learning experience if you have more patient encounters. Plus, it’s kind of an Acting Internship I feel.

Regarding the housing, take some place which is near Franklin street, which I feel is the downtown of Chapel Hill. It will be easier for you to explore the place, restaurants, and everything. Plus it’s near to the Hospital too, so it’s easy to get transport. The bus system is really nice here.