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Program details:  A small (maximum 12 people) interdisciplinary team of faculty, staff, resident physicians and medical and public health students will have an opportunity to spend a week in Tucson, AZ learning about migrant health at the US southern borders and volunteering together at Casa Alitas, a non-profit that supports migrant families by providing hospitality and short-term housing, humanitarian aid, and support in reuniting with family members in the US. In addition, the program may also include an educational drive along the border wall, a walking tour along the migrant path with Tucson Samaritans, and a “water run” to service water stations in the Sonoran Desert with Humane Borders. Guest speakers from other community-based programs supporting migrants in the area will enrich the experience. Participants will take turns leading evening discussions/debriefing within our group.

Please note: The program does not involve crossing the US border or going inside detention centers and is largely NOT a medically oriented experience.

What is included? OGHE will fund roundtrip airfare from RDU to Tucson, communal housing (in shared accommodations), transportation for program activities, and group meals.  Other incidental expenses (e.g., food and personal expenses) will not be covered.


  1. Training: The program requires 10-12 hours of asynchronous and in person pre-departure training, including Psychological First Aid, and Sessions on the Migrant experience and the challenges of crossing the Sonoran Desert. We will also plan to meet as a team at least once in the spring to share group expectations and plan together.
  1. Skills: Flexibility, the ability to deal with chaotic/quickly evolving circumstances, and empathy to interact with migrant individuals and families. Strong command of Spanish language preferred.
  1. Availability: By applying, you agree to be available for the entire week and to travel as a group.


Decisions by Feb. 7, 2022