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Course Number: PERU 401

Course Title: International Elective in Peru

Who can Participate?: 4th year medical students

Course description: Located in Trujillo, Peru.

Learning Objectives: 1. Practice and improve their knowledge of conversational Spanish. 2. Practice and increase their knowledge of medical terminology in Spanish. 3. Improve their diagnostic skills. 4. Learn about Peruvian culture.

Learning Activities: Conferences,Rounds,Seminars,History/Patient Interview,Physical exam,Clinic,Didactic sessions,On call required,Interpretation of lab results,Observe procedures,Perform procedures with supervision

Evaluation: Interview patients/Take history,Physical exam,Participate in rounds,Participate in conferences,Develop differential diagnosis,Develop treatment plan,Presentation/Patient presentation,Patient write-ups,Paper

Other special instructions: As part of an international exchange program with the School of Medicine at the Universidad Nacional de Trujillo, Peru, UNC students will join the medical team at the university hospital or its clinics. A two to four page paper describing or reflecting on your clinical and cultural experiences and their impact on your future medical career/life is due two weeks after your return.

Requirements: By permission only. Advanced Spanish Fluency. Completion of Application Phase.

Course Director: Marco Aleman. Contact Lida Ashley / / 919-445-6794

Course Credit: Yes, 6 credit hours

Time of Year & duration: