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The UNC Office of Global Health Education offers two UNC/H Resident Physician funding options.

Biannual Resident Physician Global Health Travel Scholarship application

Eligibility: UNCH Residents at any level of training who are approved by their Program Director for a minimum two week global health rotation. Awards range from $500-$2,000. Funding for retroactive rotations are not to be requested. Further, if an applicant has already received former OGHE funding for a rotation experience, they are not eligible to receive additional funding for the same experience. However, applicants can be funded twice (max) from the OGHE for different global health proposals. Online applications and letters of recommendation submitted by the deadline will only be considered for funding. Applications and letters of recommendation submitted via email will be considered invalid for review. Do not ask our office to grant special exceptions.

Office of Global Health Education Global Health Scholars Program

This is a competitive two-year program for residents with two years of training remaining. See more details here.


Resident Physician Global Health Travel Awards

Funding Applications Application Deadline (2) LORs Deadline Recipients Notified
OGHE Resident Physician Global Health Travel  Scholarship
(biannual award cycles)
Feb. 15 (spring)

Sept. 15 (fall)

Feb. 22 (spring)

Sept. 22 (fall)

March 15 (spring)

Oct. 15 (fall)

OGHE Resident Physician Global Health Scholars Program March 1 March 15 April 1
Dr. Sanders Hope Residency Scholarship (external) April 21 May 5

Typically, the OGHE online application portal will be accessible in the table above four weeks prior to the deadline.

Application Sample

Preview a sample of the Resident Global Health Travel Award Application

Applicants, PLEASE NOTE** Once you begin the application, you are not able to navigate backwards within the application. Once you progress forward in the online application, you will NOT be permitted to go backwards and change your application responses. We encourage you to download a sample, draft your responses in a word doc, and complete the online application in a single sitting when you are ready.To preview a full description of requirements and to review a sample of the complete application, open the “Application Sample” link above.


Click here to access the application

Conference Fund Application

Accepted to present at a global health conference? The Office of Global Health Education may approve a reimbursement of up to $500 to help offset conference costs.

We have awarded all of our annual funds for conference award applications. 

We want to ensure that you have a safe and enjoyable experience. Please email for an appointment ( stop by our office, or ask us to meet you at Starbucks or another convenient location in the hospital!