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Dates and Deadlines:

School of Medicine Funding ApplicationStudent Application DeadlineDeadline for Faculty Letters of SupportAward Decision By:
OGHE Medical Student Global Health Travel Award February 15February 22March 15
OGHE Fourth Year Medical Student Global Health Travel AwardSeptember 15September 22October 15
UNC SOM Policy: To enroll in any global health elective or to travel in a student role, regardless of credit or funding support, every student is required to receive final OGHE approval by completing the SOM OGHE Pre-Departure requirements 8 weeks in advance. Faculty permission to enroll in a course does not deem your elective approved until OGHE confirms travel is permitted. Failure to receive OGHE approval will result in academic forfeiture of credit completed abroad, reimbursement of any SOM funding to support your global program, and put you at significant financial and medical risk should you travel without completing the OGHE requirements.

Global Health Travel Award Application Requirements:

This global health student travel fund remains closed while UNC-affiliated student travel is restricted. For remote global health engagement, refer to the active funding application above.

  • Applicants must be current UNC medical students in good academic standing
  • Applicants must submit their funding application using the designated online application portal and all required documentation must be uploaded in the online application including both letters of recommendation. No exceptions will be granted.
    • Applications and letters of recommendation submitted via the application portal by the stated deadlines only will be considered for funding. Applications or letters submitted to our office via any other fashion will be considered invalid. Do not request special exceptions or extensions. Communicate with your letter writers and host sites in advance to plan ahead.
  • Curriculum Vitae or Resume
  • Program Budget detailing all program-related expenses – communicate with your host site mentor or previous students to assess pre-travel and in country program costs. Please use our template.
  • Two Letters of Recommendation – Please do not request that both letters be written by the same faculty member. They must be submitted my two separate individuals.
    • 1) Host Site Letter: This reference must be the in-country on-site preceptor, supervising physician, researcher or hosting mentor overseeing your daily involvement for the duration of the program. In their LOR, they are asked to address your suitability for the elective, that yo have permission to participate for your stated length of time, your daily role, and supervision.
    • 2) UNC SOM Letter: The UNC letter should come from a faculty advisor, Elective Course Director or UNC faculty member who can speak to your candidacy for the scholarship.
  • Essay 1 – Limit 1,500 words. The applicant will discuss their motivation for this global program and specific site and program area of interest for one of the options:
    1. For research: Project description; faculty support; funding needs; and plans for IRB approval.
    2. For public health-focused projects: Project description; faculty support; funding needs and plans for IRB approval if any research involved.
    3. For clinically-focused programs: Anticipated patient-care responsibilities and supervision, and plans for scholarly activity.
  • Short Answer Questions 
    • rationale for choice of selected site
      o academic objectives
      o describe on-site supervision
      o political stability of the region, potential safety and/or health risks and steps to mitigate risks
    • Language barriers, if any, and how to mitigate any potential risks for clinical and research safety

Global Health Travel Award Application Eligibility:

This UNC global health student travel award fund remains closed while travel is restricted. 

    • Individual UNC medical students applying to the UNC Medical School Global Health Travel Scholarship.
    • Student groups are not eligible for this individual award such as HHA and PPS.
    • Applicants who have received the OGHE Student Global Health Scholarship funding in the past are not eligible to receive a second award for a very similar experience.
    • Applicants must be in good academic standing and commit to a minimum of three to four weeks for a global health elective.
    • Applicant requires prior approval from the host site, course director (if receiving UNC SOM academic credit) and an acknowledgement that the UNC SOM global pre-travel requirements must be verified completed 8 weeks before departure with written approval from the SOM or travel will be prohibited.
    • Funding for retroactive electives are not accepted.