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UNC SOM Policy: To enroll in any global health elective, training program or to travel in a student role, regardless of credit or funding support, every UNC medical student is required to receive final OGHE approval by completing the SOM OGHE Pre-Departure requirements 8 weeks in advance. Faculty permission to enroll in a course does not deem your elective approved until OGHE confirms travel is permitted. Failure to receive OGHE approval will result in academic forfeiture of credit completed abroad, reimbursement of any SOM funding to support your global program, and put you at significant financial and medical risk should you travel without completing the OGHE requirements.

UNC medical students may consider presenting at a national global health conference after returning from their experience

If you are accepted to present/ co-present a poster, paper, or project at a global health conference, congratulations! You may be eligible for a conference reimbursement up to $500 to defray some of your travel and/or registration expenses.

The conference funding application is required for UNC medical students or residents who wish to apply for conference support before travel has taken place.

Eligibility: To be eligible to apply, students must be accepted to present or co-present a paper or a poster at a global health conference. Please submit the application form via email to the OGHE Assistant Director. Allow 30 days for your decisions. Annual funding is limited. Not all eligible applicants will be awarded.

Reimbursement Amount: up to $500

If selected: Within two weeks of your conference return date, submit all original travel expenses to in the form of a cover page listing expense title and total amount equaling up to $500, copies of receipts such as registration, flights, hotel, and transportation attached.