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UNC School of Medicine Student Global Travel Policy

Please complete all pre-travel requirements and get written approval from the Office of Global Health Education at least 60 days in advance of departure. Your program will be postponed, cancelled, and you may not receive UNC funding or course credit if you don’t. All pre-travel requirements are mandatory for ALL students. Please note that enrollment in a course does not mean OGHE approval.

Start early. Give yourself at least 12 weeks to adequately prepare for international travel and address the SOM pre-travel requirements in order to receive official travel approval from the University of North Carolina School of Medicine.

The primary purpose of a student clinical experience is observation, not hands-on treatment. You are there to learn, not to treat. Medical students who perform procedures beyond their training may negatively impact their chances of matching in residency programs.” Association of American Medical Colleges (AAMC)

SOM Global Pre-Departure Requirements list below is set forth by the University of North Carolina School of Medicine

If you are a UNC/H Resident Physician, STOP. You will complete the Resident pre-travel requirements for both the GME Office and the OGHE located at this link here.

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Travel exemptions are mandatory and are now handled by UNC Global. Please follow instructions on this link (School of Medicine). Questions should now be directed to Kim Priebe in the Provost’s office.


Complete the travel health/evacuation form:  Link 

OGHE will respond within one week with a link for purchasing GeoBlue travel insurance.

OGHE will cover your insurance up to 60 days. (Please allow 7 business days to process).
Up to one week prior to departure, you will receive an email with your ID card. Print it! (check your spam/junk folder).

(Please purchase Before/After coverage for  personal travel) ONLY after you receive the email from GeoBlue to print your ID card.

Take care of any needed immunizations (This should be scheduled no later than 8 weeks from departure date)”] Attend a travel health clinic such as UNC Campus Health’s International Travel Clinic for appropriate health and safety information, immunizations and medications to help reduce the risk of illness and injury related to international travel. Please see UNC’s International Travel Clinic website here to schedule an appointment.

Check the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention website based on your destination country in the Traveler’s Health tab. Some countries deny entrance when required CDC immunizations documentation are not verified upon arrival.

Download CDC-recommended Mobile apps for vaccines, packing lists, and what not to eat while abroad


Please read, sign and complete. Code of Conduct

Register your travel dates with the U.S. Department of State. This will alert the United States Department of State to your presence in your travel location and will allow you to receive timely alerts and warnings before and during your travel dates.

Read and Print (2 copies) the UNC Emergency Plan for Medical Students & Physicians during international travel. Leave one copy with a family member in the U.S. Save a backup on email or Google Drive.

Submit a post-travel evaluation form within four weeks of your return (or credit and funding will be denied/withdrawn.”]