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UNC School of Medicine policy requires all medical students undertaking global health travel to complete pre-travel requirements and receive written approval at least eight weeks prior to their departure. Failure to do so may result in cancellation of your program, funding, and course credit.

You are encouraged to choose UNC’s approved international sites. Other sites will require OGHE approval. Request a meeting with Moira. We will work with you and your faculty advisor to find the best possible solution.

NEW for 2023 

Migrant Health Service-Learning, UNC & Tucson, AZ

Seminar in Migration and Health (8 weeks, starting Fr. Jan. 9, 1:35-3:05) team taught by Dr. Laura Villa Torres (SPH) and Dr. Moira Rogers (OGHE): Explore the complexities of the migrant experience in the Americas and at the US/Mexico border; prerequisite for MHSL Tucson experience.

MHSL, Tucson, AZ, May 27-June 5 (With Dr. Evan Ashkin, Family Med as 2nd OGHE faculty)

Watch video testimonials of pilot here; review slides here.

Program details and applications here.


Reproductive & Sexual Health in Bolivia (CIES) –Multiple Locations

Info session recording & slides

Review CIES institutional slides here (with introduction to Bolivia’s progress and challenges); example of teenage outreach (Tú decides) here (in Spanish); education initiatives here.  Recent publication on the challenges youth have faced during the pandemic regarding their exercise of sexual and reproductive rights and new post-covid challenges in Bolivia here.

Open to all Medical and PH students, and Resident Physicians

Review program details here.

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