The School of Medicine’s Office of International Activities offers biannual Medical Student Global Health Scholarship applications.To enroll in any global health elective or to travel in a student role, regardless of credit or funding support, every student is required to receive final OIA approval by completing the SOM OIA Pre-Departure requirements 8 weeks in advance. Faculty permission to enroll in a course does not deem your elective approved until OIA confirms travel is permitted. Failure to receive OIA approval will result in academic forfeiture of credit completed abroad, reimbursement of any SOM funding to support your global program, and put you at significant financial and medical risk should you travel without completing the OIA requirements.

Eligibility: UNC medical student in good academic standing at any level of training committed to a minimum three-four week global health experience abroad. Awards range from $500-$2,000. Funding for retroactive electives are not considered. Further, if an applicant has already received former OIA funding for an international medical student program, they are not eligible to receive additional funding for the same experience. However, applicants can be funded twice from the OIA for different global health proposals during their medical school career. The amount of awards is determined by amount of funding available at the time the selection process occurs and based on the volume of strong applications. Proposals are reviewed by UNC faculty.

School of Medicine Student Funding Applications Application Deadline Decisions by
OIA Medical Student Global Health Scholarship February 15th March 15th
OIA Medical Student Global Health Scholarship

MS4 Fellowships – early

September 15th October 15th
Perkins-Burke MD/MPH Global Health Fellowship December 21st January 15th

Funding for 3-12 month experiences

Funding for Conferences

Scholarship Requirements and Restrictions

Application Requirements:

  • Curriculum Vitae
  • Program Budget
  • Applicants must apply online and all required documentation must be uploaded in the online application
  • Two Letters of Recommendation from 1) Host: This reference must be the on-site preceptor, supervising physician, researcher or hosting mentor overseeing your daily involvement for the duration of the program- they are to addres your suitabillity for the elective, your daily role, and the quality of the international site; 2) UNC SOM Faculty Advisor
  • Essay proposal outlining the students’ motivation for this global program or interest in a career in neurology
    o overall purpose and motivations for the proposed global health program
    o rationale for choice of selected site
    o academic objectives
    o describe on-site supervision
    o political stability of the region, potential safety and/or health risks and steps to mitigate risks

Students wishing to apply for the UNC Medical Student Global Health Scholarship should:

  1. Have a mentor identified for any research
  2. Have a SOM faculty identified as a course advisor if you plan to receive academic credit
  3. Prepare a proposal outlining the proposed program, the nature of your involvement, and educational objectives
  4. Complete a budget of expenses related to the proposal and travel as part of the online submission. (Sample online budget)
    • ONLY UNC active/registered medical students in good academic standing may apply.
    • Student Groups (HHA, PPS) are not eligible to apply for the scholarship.
    • Students must submit proposals online using the online application system.
  5. During that process, students will upload their proposal form and provide budget information online
  6. Awards will be given to single applicants. Team/Group proposals are not eligible.
    • If you are working with humans – YOU MUST APPLY FOR UNIVERSITY IRB APPROVAL! Consult the PI. (even if you are just doing surveys.)
    • Students who receive awards are expected to submit a post-travel evaluation form within four weeks of their return date or credit, funding, and future funding is withdrawn.

Awardee Expectations

The student must have OIA approval to travel and attend some required events before and after the global health program.

Funding Limitations

  • These awards do not cover stipends/salaries, nor stipends/salaries to participants of research survey’s or studies.
  • These awards do not cover unapproved personal expenses related to travel, excursions, transportation, and lodging are not to be submitted in the budget.
  • Scholarship awards will be paid directly to student(s). The OIA will not transfer awards to faculty mentor University accounts.
  • OUR awards are available to students for travel, supplies and materials for students who are committing to an international health experience.
    • We are not able to support the costs of home living expenses if you are enrolled in classes.
  • Travel: These awards cover travel related to conducting research, clinical rotations, and other in-country expenses such as airfare, supplies, vaccinations, site fee, housing, or mileage to and from research site to collect samples.
  • By virtue of the account code being used for the payment, these payments will be reported to the recipients on a 1099 or W-2. This could mean these payments are taxable. In most cases, the IRS will consider these “non-qualified scholarship” payments which are taxable according to the IRS. Payment recipients should refer to IRS Publication 970,, and the Form 1040 instructions, For further information on what amount is reportable and how to report it when filing their tax return, students should contact a tax professional.

General Information

  • Online applications will only be accepted.
  • Applications for medical student scholarships are accessible four weeks prior to the application deadline and closes on the published deadline date.
  • If you have received this scholarship in the past, you ARE ONLY eligible to apply again in another academic year for additional funding if you are submitting a NEW proposal for a NEW elective clearly outlining objectives for the experience.

School of Medicine-based Scholarships

The annual Office of International Activities Medical Student Global Health Scholarship application is a single application pertaining to Perkins-Burke International Health Fellowship, Becton-Tannenbaum Fellowship, Medical Alumni Loyalty Fund Global Enrichment Fellowship, and the International Health Fellowship. The application is accessible through our website four weeks prior to the application deadline. When ready, the link is found above.


The Kevin R. Stone, MD ‘81 Travel Fellowships or Stone Travel Fellowships will be given annually to up to four MS4 students in good academic standing interested in a personally and professionally significant four-week elective rotation outside of North Carolina. Funds can be used to cover travel, lodging and food. Approx value $3,000. Kevin R. Stone, MD’81 in grateful appreciation for his medical education and seminal travel experiences while a student at the UNC School of Medicine established this award in 2014-15. Dr. Stone believes firmly that the opportunity for medical students to travel domestically or internationally for a four-week elective rotation during their fourth year can be transformational to their professional careers and personal lives, while providing an opportunity to enrich the collective medical experience in North Carolina, yet, most students are unable to afford the cost of an away rotation. Interested candidates should apply for the Stone Travel Fellowship in writing to Dr. Julie Byerley Vice Dean for Education by July 1st. The Application consists of a one page or less description of where (domestic or international) the fourth-year student wishes to travel for an elective rotation and include how the rotation will inspire their education and impact the medical community of North Carolina. For all UNC medical students, direct all inquiries related to the Stone Travel Fellowship to . To read about the Stone Fellows experiences, follow this link.
The UNC School of Medicine has a long and distinguished history of providing educational enrichment programs for medical students. These programs are designed to expand the student view of medicine outside of the general curriculum and enhance the medical student experience. The UNC Medical Horizons Fellowship provides the opportunity for generational mentorship between a UNC pre-medicine undergraduate and UNC medical students to participate in a clinical care, and training program with the UNC Student Group Honduran Health Alliance (HHA). Each fall, one outstanding undergraduate student will be selected as UNC Medical Horizons Fellow to spend part of their summer in Honduras with the medical student group. Student will attend some spring classes with the medical student group and commit to spending three weeks (typically late June to mid July) observing and participating in various projects/procedures designed to improve patient care for the people of Honduras. All activities will be organized and supervised by UNC Faculty on site in Honduras in collaboration with the Honduran Health Alliance medical student leaders. The selected student will be awarded up to $4,000 to fund their experience in Honduras inclusive of the airfare. Fellows will be notified no later than the end of March. Students with a strong interest in going into medical school and limited travel experience are recommended to apply. You can access the undergraduate application for the UNC Medical Horizons Fellowship here.

*For all UNC undergraduate students, direct all inquiries related to the UNC Medical Horizons Fellowship to the UNC Center for Global Initiatives * For all UNC medical students, direct all inquiries related to the Medical Horizon Fellowship to the OIA Program Manager.

Other UNC-based Scholarships for Global Health

The Carolina Global Initiatives Award is for returning undergraduate, masters, and professional students who have secured a global opportunity during the summer in the U.S. or abroad. Preference is given to students with no or limited prior global travel and the opportunity may take a wide variety of forms including: internships, research, service projects, educational group travel or summer study abroad.
The Student Summer Fellowship program offers opportunities for medical students to complete a research or service project related to community health. Projects must be focused on studying cultural competency issues, developing skills to become relationship-centered physicians, and addressing a public health need in an underserved community or population. The grant award includes a $4,000 stipend for a 10-week period. Projects that do not meet the 10-week requirement will be prorated accordingly. Applications are due mid March.
Two $3000 Scholarships for students to attend Carolina for Kibera. The fellowship is named in honor of the Peacocks, who have been tremendous supporters of CFK since its inception. Two fellowships valued at $3,000 each are awarded annually to two UNC student volunteers to defray the costs associated with volunteering in Kibera. UNC students who apply to be a CFK Summer Volunteer will automatically be considered for the Peacock Fellowship.
The Hyatt Rotary Public Service Award is given annually in support of innovative public service projects that exemplify the motto of Rotary International, “Service above Self.” The award is named for the late Dr. Ronald W. Hyatt, Professor of Exercise and Sport Science at UNC-Chapel Hill and long-time member of the Chapel Hill Rotary Club, in recognition of his distinguished career at the University and his commitment to helping others. Two awards will be given this year, one (up to $3,000) for an international project and one (up to $2,000) for a local project. If the local project involves members of the Chapel Hill Rotary Club in some way, there is a possibility of additional funds.

Long-term Opportunities for Funding (10 weeks -12 MONTHS)

Agency: Center for Disease Control Title: O.C. Hubert Student Fellowship in International Health Program Description: This program provides an opportunity for third and fourth year medical students to gain public health experience in an international setting. Fellows spend four to six weeks in a developing country working on a priority health problem in conjunction with CDC staff. Project Location: Students can choose from ongoing projects Duration/Stipend: 6-12 weeks as assigned / $3,000


Program Description: This award is meant to enrich the educational experiences of medical students through projects that bear on medicine as they contribute to the health of communities, and to address the human needs of underserved or disadvantaged patients or populations. The content of the Fellowship might include clinical investigation, public health/epidemiology, health policy analysis, activities linking biomedicine, the social infrastructure and human or community need.Competition is open to candidates attending medical or dental school in the United States. Funding will be provided for research projects lasting between ten (10) Duration: Funding will be provided for research projects lasting between ten (10) and twelve (12) weeks in the summer of the application year, between the applicant’s first and second years of medical. Students are encouraged to pursue research projects that extend beyond the startup period.Project Location: Students can choose from ongoing projects Stipend: Up to five grants will be awarded with a stipend of $4,000 each for student research projects in the summer of the award year.


UNC/Chapel Hill is one of six US medical schools offering a Doris Duke International Clinical Research Fellowship for medical students with an international placement site. This intensive year long mentoring program in clinical research is intended to encourage students to pursue a career in clinical research. Applicants may apply from any US medical school. Approximately 75% of the year would be spent abroad in the designated site. Funding for travel as well as a modest annual stipend is included in the award.

For additional information see:

The UJMT Fogarty Global Health Fellowship supports mentored research training opportunities for promising postdoctoral fellows and doctoral students. Sponsored by the Fogarty International Center – as well as other institutes, centers and offices at the NIH – our program provides stipend, research, and travel for 12-month research attachments. Trainees live and work full-time at affiliated research sites in Africa, Asia, and Latin America. Our consortium brings together four leading U.S. institutions (University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, Johns Hopkins University, Morehouse School of Medicine, Tulane University) and partnering institutions in 13 countries.


*Katherine Salisbury in UNC IGHID is the contact for both – year long, global health clinical research programs.

This fellowship, sponsored by the US State Department, supports year long research programs, whether part of formal degree programs (for medical students) or individual research, in over 140 countries. More than 1000 grants are awarded annually and though not specifically designed for medical students, many opportunities are available.

For additional information see:”

The Albert Schweitzer Fellowship is awarded to four third year medical students to work for at least three months as fellows at the Albert Schwitzer Hospital in Lambarene, Gabone on clinical rotations. This experience offers opportunity for clinical experience in pediatrics, medicine and community health in this French speaking environment and to be involved in outreach projects at this world renowned medical research unit for Africa. French fluency required.

The CIDRZ HIVCorps Fellows Program provides a valuable field training opportunity for future Zambian and expatriate public health leaders. In the setting of a vibrant international organization based in Lusaka, fellowship attachments are 10-12 months long. This HIVCorps Fellowship provides opportunities to gain field experience in: Program implementation and management, Clinical trials research, Clinical care quality improvement systems, Data management and outcomes analysis, Public health communications. The HIVCorps Fellowship targets medical, nursing or MPH students; recent graduates who wish to gain international experience; and college graduates, including those with Post-baccalaureate degrees, with substantial skills or experience.

For additional information see:


Other funding sources

Embark Carolina: Includes a robust database of awards and fellowships (Funding Finder) that can be used to fund a student’s global opportunity

Child Family Health International offers scholarships for students to apply towards a CFHI Global Health Education Program of their choice either throughout the year or for their summer elective program. Please follow this link for details.

American Women’s Hospital Services Overseas Assistance Grant program provides travel grants for medical students and residents working in clinics around the world. Students have traveled to a number of countries ranging from Uganda, Peru, India, Nepal, South Africa. $1,000 max.

Infectious Diseases Society of America: An important part of IDSA’s mission is to promote the subspecialty of infectious diseases by attracting the best and brightest medical students to the field. To further this goal, the IDSA Education and Research Foundation offers scholarships to 1st, 2nd, or 3rd year medical students in U.S. and Canadian medical schools with mentorship by an IDSA member or fellow.

The Benjamin H. Kean Travel Fellowship in Tropical Medicine is awarded annually to support medical students involved in clinical or research electives in tropical areas. The Fellowship is designed to encourage young people to continue their work in tropical medicine and hygiene and recognize their achievements thus far.

American Medical Women’s Association’s Overseas Assistance Program: The AWHS Overseas Assistance Grant program provides travel grants for medical students and residents working in clinics around the world. Students have traveled to a number of countries ranging from Uganda, Peru, India, Nepal, South Africa. This grant provides assistance with transportation costs up to $1,000 connected with pursuing medical studies in an off-campus setting where the medically neglected will benefit.

Christian Medical and Dental Associations – provide various mission scholarships for student and resident members wishing to spend time overseas as a rotation elective.

MAP/Reader’s Digest International Fellowships (Christian faith based)

The Foreign Mission Board of the Southern Baptist Convention

International Heelers Scholarship (for a Christian UNC student interested in working with Christian Emergency Relief Teams)

Charles S. Houston Award of the Wilderness Medical Society

American Society of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene Fellowships

CDC Hubert Scholarship

Rotary Foundation International funds for 3-6 months international or cross-cultural study

Sara’s wish scholarship foundation – independent endowed scholarship for a female student