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Want to do a global health elective during medical school? HHA group photo 2017

We are happy to help you in the Office of International Activities. Email the OIA Program Manager for an appointment or stop by! (1066 Bondurant Hall).

The beginning of your first year is not too early to begin thinking about what you would be interested in doing. Often overseas correspondence and project organization entail long delays, so be patient and persistent. It is not impossible to put together a good project in a few months, but you will be less frantic if you have more time. Sometimes a trip can fall through for a variety of reasons.

Start planning early and you will have more time to work out the kinks or make other plans.

See the experiences of other UNC medical students, and other useful resources.

For more information see this PowerPoint presentation: 2017 Getting the Most Out of Your Global Health Elective.

How do you choose an international health elective? Consider the “Elective Selection Tool

“We work hard to take the interest and ideas from medical students and residents and form them into educational, research, and mentoring objectives and ways of learning,” says OIA director, Martha Carlough, MD, MPH, Professor of Family Medicine.