Global Health Module

All enrolled medical students going abroad for any educationally related international health experience (clinical work, community health, language learning or research) MUST complete the online “Global Health Pre-Travel Module"

  • This modules are required for ALL enrolled medical students, regardless of whether or not credit is being awarded.
  • In addition, all medical students who are engaged in the planning, conduct or analysis of research involving human subjects MUST complete CITI (Collaborative Institutional Training Initiative training (see and have, or be included in, the IRB approval of any research.
  • The goal of these policies is to ensure that:
  •  1) students are familiar with personal health and safety risks in international settings, and that
  • 2) students representing UNC-Chapel Hill School of Medicine in international contexts understand basic cross-cultural issues, human subjects research, ethics and professionalism necessary for international experiences. 

This policy has been agreed upon by the Office of International Activities, Office of the Registrar, and the Office of Student Affairs in the UNC SOM. Students who fail to comply with this policy will not be granted credit for the international elective (if the elective is for credit) and will have to forfeit any research or grant related funding.


To access the required module, you must first fill out the online student travel health insurance form. If you are a UNC physician resident, you must first fill out this resident travel health insurance form. You will then receive an email granting you access to the GLBE999.MOD.1112 Sakai site where the modules and quizzes are located. MAKE SURE YOU watch the presentation until it is completely finished. To start, please go to the left-hand side of the Sakai page and click on the name of the module.  The module should open in Panopto (Sign in with your Onyen), press play, and adjust the volume accordingly. Please note the module has an interactive quiz throughout the lecture, but you are also required to complete the Sakai quiz. To access the quizzes, click on "Tests & Quizzes" and then find the quiz with the same name of the module you just completed.  You are only allowed two attempts per quiz.  If you have questions about any of these instructions, please contact Shay Slifko at (919) 962-6195 or