Start early. Give yourself at least 6 weeks to adequately prepare for international travel and address the SOM pre-travel requirements in order to receive official travel approval from the SOM Office of International Activities. Some time-limiting factors that can impact and likely delay your travel is completing the international emergency health insurance form, scheduling and completing travel immunizations, and applying for a travel visa, if necessary. Check the Center for Disease Control website based on your destination country. Some countries deny entrance when required CDC immunizations are not provided with documentation upon arrival.

“The primary purpose of a student clinical experience is observation, not hands-on treatment. You are there to learn, not to treat. Medical students who perform procedures beyond their training may negatively impact their chances of matching in residency programs.” Association of American Medical Colleges (AAMC)

International Pre-Travel Requirements set forth by the University of North Carolina School of Medicine

Failure to follow these mandatory requirements will result in official UNC travel being prohibited. Further, academic credit will be forfeited and you will be required to reimburse UNC travel awards.

If you are a UNC/H Resident Physician, STOP. You will complete the Resident pre-travel requirements for both the GME Office and the OIA located at this link here.

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Only after you receive an email from the Shay Slifko in the OIA instructing you to do so, you will use the provided link to purchase your HTH travel health insurance.The email will include a link for purchasing HTH travel insurance and access to Sakai modules. (Please allow at least 7 business days to process the insurance form before emailing Shay Slifko)
You will receive an email from the OIA instructing you how to purchase HTH travel insurance and give you access to Sakai. Please allow at least 7 business days to process the insurance form before emailing Shay Slifko. You will not receive the email instructing you to print your ID card until your registration information to HTH is sent (which depending on your travel dates can range up until a week prior to departure). The emails are generated by HTH since they have unique certificate #s. Please expect a few weeks before you receive the link to print your insurance card. Check your spam/junk file as sometimes they will go there.

(Before/After coverage for those on personal travel before or after their UNC travel) ONLY after you after receive the email from HTH to print your ID card for your UNC travel, are you now able to go back in and purchase your before/after coverage. If you obtain the before/after coverage prior to Janet Hoernke uploading the coverage, we can’t process your request. This causes extra work trying to correct.
UNC Global Travel Registry
The Registry allows the University to track and communicate with students while they are abroad quickly and easily in the event that an emergency occurs in the country in which they are studying. And we always advise our students to enroll in the Department of State’s Smart Traveller Enrollment Program (STEP).

Instructions to register your trip in the UNC Global Travel Registry are as follows:

  • The first time you log into the Registry, it takes you to the page called “My Contact Info.”
  • On that page, you must confirm your name, PID, status, and preferred email. Also on that page, do not select the country and city from the drop down windows on the My Contact Info page, which is ONLY for permanent assignments. Proceed, instead, to “Travel Plans” page to correctly add your trip.
  • For extended travel (i.e. Fogerty Fellowship), it is now possible to select “stationed country” and not beginning/end date.
UNC SOM Emergency Plan. Also, leave a copy of the SOM Emergency Plan and host contact information with an emergency contact who is not traveling with you.
This will alert the State Department to your presence in your travel location and will allow you to receive timely alerts and warnings while traveling. Click here to register.
Attend a travel health clinic -an affordable option- such as UNC Campus Health’s International Travel Clinic for appropriate health and safety information, immunizations and medications to help reduce the risk of illness and injury related to international travel. Please see UNC’s International Travel Clinic website here to schedule an appointment.

Check the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention website based on your destination country in the Traveler’s Health tab. Some countries deny entrance when required CDC immunizations documentation are not verified upon arrival.

Zika virus in Central & South America and the Caribbean – See more at: