Start planning early. Give yourself at least 6 weeks to address the travel requirements and receive official travel approval from the SOM Office of International Activities and your Program Director. Time-limiting factors that should be started right away that can potentially impact your travel is completing the international emergency health insurance form, ensuring you receive pre-travel medical clearance no later than 4 weeks prior to your departure date, and applying for a visa, if necessary.

Please read the information below and complete the following pre-departure requirements set forth by UNC/H for all traveling residents and fellows under the GME Office planning travel outside of the U.S. in a UNC/H capacity. Failure to complete both the OIA and GME lists of requirements will result in official residency travel being prohibited. In addition to the GME requirements below, view and complete the SOM Office of International Activities Resident Physicians Pre-Travel List.

(For questions regarding the GME paperwork, please contact Kathryn Hill at

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UNC Residents International Rotation Policy (Overview of requirements, PDF sample of forms. Sections V and VII.C. refer to the resident reporting to Occupational Health Services before and (if necessary) after travel.) Submit and return to the GME office.

Letter of Agreement between UNC Health Care System and Host Institution (Template for letter mentioned in Section III of above rotation policy.) Each traveling resident is required to obtain the signatures of their UNC program director and host site (the host site signature must come from the onsite preceptor or person who will be present to supervise the resident) and lastly, sign and return to the GME Office. The GME Office will then obtain the signature of UNC Hospitals Vice President.

Voluntary Participation and Assumption of Risk Agreement (Note that in section 3. the “issue date” refers to the U.S. Department of States’ destination-site issued travel risks. No notary or witness required. Sign and return to the GME Office.) Residents sign the form and leave the signature section for the UNC Health Care System blank and submit to the GME Office and they will obtain the necessary signature.

Special Projects Professional Liability Form (required for all away rotations, obtain signature of residency program director and return to the GME Office, which will obtain the signature of UNC Hospitals Vice President and Chair of the Liability Council. Sign and return to the GME Office.) .

Letter from Program Director for Non-Clinical Away Rotations (only required if your rotation does not involve any direct patient care, return to the GME Office).