Start early. Give yourself at least 6 weeks to address the travel requirements and receive official travel approval from the UNC School of Medicine’s Office of International Activities and the Graduate Medical Education (GME) Office. Some time-limiting factors that can impact your travel is completing the international emergency health insurance form, ensuring you receive UNC/H pre-travel medical clearance 4 weeks prior to your departure date, and apply for a visa, if necessary.

Please read the information below and complete the following pre-departure requirements set forth by UNC/H and the SOM Office of International Activities for all traveling residents and fellows under the GME Office planning travel outside of the U.S. in a UNC/H capacity. Failure to complete both the OIA and GME requirements will result in official residency travel being prohibited. Do not forget to view and complete the UNC Hospital GME pre-travel Requirements list.

For questions and to schedule a meeting, please contact

Complete the online travel health/evacuation insurance form. Once you submit this form, wait for an email from the OIA within 7 business days instructing you in the next steps. You will purchase insurance after you receive an email from the OIA instructing you to do so. The email will include a link for purchasing international travel insurance and access to Sakai modules. Please allow at least 7 business days to process the insurance form before emailing Shay Slifko.
(You will receive an email from the OIA with a link to purchase international travel insurance and a second email granting you access to the Global Health Modules in Sakai. Please allow 7 business days to process the insurance form before emailing the Program Manager). You will not receive the email instructing you to print your ID card until your registration information (which depending on your travel dates can be a couple of weeks – at the most) is sent. The international insurance provider must process the requests. Please expect a few weeks (or 3-5 days prior to your departure date) before you receive the link to print your insurance ID card.
No less than 6 weeks prior to travel, all UNC resident physicians (and fellows or subspecialty residents under GME) must go through either Occupational Health Services (for hospital-paid residents/subspecialty residents) or University Employee Occupational Health Clinic for pre-travel medical evaluation prior to all official UNC travel per the UNC GME Policy on International Rotations (see below). All UNC/H residents (and fellows under GME) traveling internationally are required to see Occupational Health Services or University Employee Health Services 6 weeks prior to departing the U.S. to receive your pre-travel medical evaluation (including vaccinations and prophylactic medications recommended by the CDC). Failure to secure an appointment with OHS within a minimum of 4 weeks from your departure date may result in official residency travel being prohibited. This service is provided at no cost to the Resident or Fellow.
  • Hospital-paid Residents/Subspecialty Residents submit the COMPLETED OHS Pre-Appointment Form for Traveling Residents via email to both AND . You will receive a confirmation email that this form has been received. Once the form has been reviewed by Occupational Health, you will be contacted with an appointment date and time. Please note: Appointments will not be scheduled same day and generally will not be scheduled that same week due to previous standing appointments. Failure to secure an appointment with OHS within a minimum of 4 weeks from your departure date may result in official residency travel being prohibited.
  • University-paid Residents/Subspecialty Residents should go through the University Employee Health Services and should complete the online Travel Immunization form, and fax to UEOHC at 919-966-6337 after which you will be contacted to schedule an appointment.
The UNC Registry allows the University to track and communicate with UNC travelers -while they are abroad -quickly and easily in the event that an emergency occurs in the country in which they are studying, practicing, or working.

Instructions to register your trip in the UNC Global Travel Registry are as follows:

  1. The first time you log into the Registry, it takes you to the page called “My Contact Info.”
  2. On that page, you must confirm your name, PID number, status, and preferred email. Also on that page, do NOT select the country and city from the drop down windows on the My Contact Info page, which is ONLY for permanent assignments.
  3. Instead, proceed to the “Travel Plans” page to correctly add your trip.
  4. For extended travel (i.e. Extended Fellowships), it is now possible to select “stationed country” and not beginning/end date.
Register with the UNC Global Travel Registry

Once the OIA processes your international emergency health insurance request, the OIA will send you an email verifying your total cost and simultaneously you will receive a separate email notification from Sakai giving you access to GLB999.MOD.1112.

-> Watch the Required Resident Global Health Pre-Travel Module and complete the subsequent quiz. The login password for the quiz is revealed during the module lecture.

Register your travel dates with the U.S. Department of State, take care of any immunizations, and leave a copy of emergency plans and in-country itinerary and hosts contact information with a family member.
Complete all forms and waivers required by the GME and submit via email or in person to in the GME Office. Failure to complete both GME and OIA requirements will result in official residency travel being prohibited.
Read and Print (2 copies) the UNC Emergency Plan for Resident Physicians during international travel. Leave one copy with a family member in the U.S. Save a backup on email or Google Drive.