Preparation for Accepted International Visiting Students

Initial Meeting

If you are unable to arrange a time to meet earlier, please arrive at 1066 Bondurant Hall at 8:00 am on the first day of your elective. You will need to fill out some paperwork, get your ID badge and get access to patient information taken care of at that time. Please bring a copy of your passport and visa if you are not a US citizen. Please also write down your Personal Identification Number (PID) which will be in the acceptance letter from Leanne Shook. This will be an important number to know during your time at UNC. Refer to the IVS Student Guide for helpful information and answers to common questions students have when beginning an elective at UNC. After the initial requirements are completed, you will then go to the location listed for your individual elective.  This interactive map may help you locate your elective within the hospital.

Here is a link to a full-sized campus map (Slow to load. Bondurant Hall is in section G16):

Below is a map showing the location of Bondurant Hall and the visitor parking deck. Click to see full map.


MacNider&Parking Map.jpgMacNider&Parking Map.jpgBondurant Hall


If you are coming by car, the best place to park is in the Dogwood Parking Deck on Manning Avenue (section F18 on the map). The cost is $1.25 per hour. It is possible to get a parking pass for the University, and we can help you set this up upon your arrival. Chapel hill also has a free bus and park-and-ride system that you can use.


The payment for each elective is $2,000 per four-week elective as of January 1, 2010. To pay the elective fee online, click here. Payment needs to made by the first day of the elective. Money orders and checks are also accepted.

Health Insurance

If you are a US citizen, you will need to provide a copy of your health insurance card and fill out the Health Insurance Verification Form. If you are not a US citizen, UNC requires you to purchase Health Insurance through the university, and the cost is approximately $40 a month.


UNC does not always accept PPD or other tests done in other countries. If you need an immunization we will set up an appointment with UNC Campus Health. Students will typically go for an appointment on the first day of their elective, if not before. A PPD shot costs about $25.

OSHA and HIPAA training

You are required to complete OSHA Bloodborne Pathogen training. In Internet Explorer, please go to: to do the training online. Complete both the “Bloodborne Pathogens” and “Tuberculosis and Infection Control” units. Once you get to the post-test, type in your PID as your Social Security Number, answer the questions and press submit.

You are also required to complete HIPAA training. Using Internet Explorer, please go to: and click on Groups 1 and 2 (four sections), then follow the instructions.

After completing these trainings be sure to keep a copy of your results (either digitally or by printing out the results on paper) and bring this proof of completion with you for the initial meeting at the Office of International Activities.

NOTE: Completion of these training modules are necessary even if you have undergone similar training at another institution.

EPIC access

EPIC is the name of a program that will give you access to patient information. Before you arrive you have to complete required online training and we will give you access to your login information. To generate access and have it available to you in advance of your elective, it is imperative that you complete the following EPIC Access Request Form as quickly as possible following receiving confirmation of your elective.

Consent and Confidentiality Forms

Please be sure that you have completed the Consent form and Confidentiality form in order to save you time on your first day.


Housing is the responsibility of the student and you are expected to find your own housing for the duration of your elective. Following confirmation of a scheduled elective, students can request an updated housing list of local short-term housing near Chapel Hill, NC. Students can look for accommodation from either the housing list we send to you or through friends, relatives, or other means.

Medical students can find rooms through external websites like

Additionally, UNC offers guest apartments through: , however the rates can be expensive.