Configuring Apple Mail for UNC Exchange Service

Apple Mail for OS X 10.6 is an email client for Mac that offers support of Exchange Features. The calendar feature is supported through iCal.

For more details on how to configure the email client please see the steps below.

Please Note: The University has seen some problems using this email client and iCal for calendar. The University recommends using Outlook 2011 for Mac.

Upon first running Apple Mail (or if there are no accounts currently configured), you will be presented with a Welcome to Mail wizard. Here, enter your name, your published e-mail address (look up at; for most users, it is, and your ONYEN password and click Continue:

Apple 1

  • For Account Type, choose IMAP.
  • For the Description (name of the IMAP server), type UNC IMAP Server.
  • For the Incoming Mail Server, type
  • For the Username and Password, use your ONYEN and ONYEN Password.
  • Click on Continue.

Apple 2

  • For the Description (name of the SMTP server), type UNC SMTP Server.
  • For the Outgoing Mail Server, type
  • Check the box beside Use Authentication.
  • For the Username and Password, use your ONYEN and ONYEN Password.
  • Click on Continue.

Apple 3

Finally, you will see an Account Summary screen. Make sure that Take account online is checked and click Create. Immediately, if you are online, Mail will start downloading the messages within your Inbox.

Apple 4

In the sidebar on the left-hand side, you will see Mailboxes, RSS, and UNC IMAP Server. To the left of UNC IMAP Server is a triangle. Click the triangle so that your subfolders will appear. Scroll down until you find your sent-mail folder. Click on it once to highlight it. To set it as the folder to hold copies of your sent mail, in the Finder bar, go to Mailbox -> Use This Mailbox For -> Sent.

The sent-mail folder will disappear from the list. This is normal. This folder has not been deleted; in fact, it is now the Sent icon under Mailboxes:

Apple 5

Next, we need to set the correct port number for the incoming ( mail server. In the Finder Bar, go to Mail -> Preferences -> Accounts and click Advanced. Near the bottom of the page, change the Port to 143. This is the necessary port number for the incoming mail server for UNC e-mail accounts. Check the option to Use SSL.

Apple 6

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