How do I set up an email client to access School of Medicine email?

About email clients:

An email client is a piece of software that allows you to retrieve emails from your email account, allowing you to forward, reply, or create emails in a friemdly interface. Email clients come in many varieties, each having different tools, like allowing for vcards, signature files, or address book. Examples of popular email clients are: Thunderbird, Outlook Express, or Outlook.

The Office of Information Systems supports troubleshooting for most email clients. However, we recommend, for ease of use, stability, and functionality, that you use Thunderbird to view your email.

Configuring Thunderbird for email:

After installing Thunderbird, click on the Start Menu, select Programs, then Thunderbird, and click on Mail. If you are upgrading to Thunderbird from a previous version of Netscape, allow the upgrade wizard to upgrade your profile. Once you open the Mail program, the Account Wizard should automatically launch.

Please note: If Thunderbird has already been installed and used on the machine, you will need to remove previous profile information in order to set up Thunderbird to read your email. Open Thunderbird Mail and cancel through any password prompts. From the menu bar, click on Edit, and select Mail and Newsgroup Account Settings. Remove any accounts listed by clicking on the Remove Account button. Next click on Add Account, and follow the instructions below.

Using the Account Wizard, select Email Account and click on Next.

                                                            New Account Setup.jpg

Fill in the information for your name and email address, then click Next.

                                                             TB Identitiy.jpg

In the Server Information window, select IMAP for the server type. For Incoming Server, type For Outgoing Server, type Click on the Next button to proceed.

                                                             TB Server Information.jpg


In the User Names Window, for Incoming User Name and Outgoing User Name, type your SOMid. Click on Next to continue.

                                                             TB User Names.jpg

For Account Name, enter a name you would like to use to identify this account, for example School of Medicine. Click on Next to continue, then Finish at the next window to complete the account setup.
                                                             TB Account Name.jpg

Configuring Outlook Express for email:

Outlook Express is the default email program provided by Microsoft for Windows machines. To configure it for SOM email, click on the Start menu, select Programs, and then Outlook Express. Once you open Outook Express, the Internet Connection Wizard will launch, guiding you through the setup process.

Please note: If Outlook Express has already been configured for email, you may need to delete previous account information to set up your own account. To delete account information, cancel through any password prompts, from the menu bar, click on Tools, then Accounts. Click on the Mail tab. Select the accounts listed, and click on the Remove button. After removing the accounts, click on the Add button, select Mail to launch the Internet Connection Wizard, and follow the instructions below.

Next to Display name, type your first and last name. Then click on the Next button to proceed.

                                                             TB Your Name.jpg


 Next to E-mail address, type your email address, and click on the Next button.

                                                             TB interent Email Address.jpg

In the E-mail Server Names window, for "My incoming mail server is a...," select IMAP from the drop down menu. For the incoming mail server, type For outgoing SMTP server, type, and click on Next.