How do I move my Local Folders from Thunderbird to Outlook?

If you have Local Folders in Mozilla Thunderbird and you would like to have access to them in Outlook, we have a program that you can use to migrate the Local Folders into a PST file. To use AID4Mail follow these steps:

  1. Click here to download AID4Mail (self-extracting .exe file)
    (Note: This program is restricted to SOM users and can be accessed with a valid ONYEN)
  2. Double-click AID4Mail.exe to extract the AID4Mail program files to you computer (defaults to C:\aid4mail)
  3. Navigate to C:\aid4mail and double-click Aid4Mail.exe to run the program
  4. One the window for AID4Mail you can choose your current email client. Mozilla Thunderbird is in the list. Scroll down and select it then click Next.


  5. By default AID4Mail will look in your user’s local profile for the Local Folders. If you have moved the location of your local folders please navigate to them. Make sure that before you click on the next button that the checkbox next to Include subfolders is checked.


  6. On the next screen you will be able to select which format you want your Local Folders to be converted into. Select Office Outlook new PST file option, and then click Next.


  7. On the next screen you can set options to ignore emails. Most people will leave this as default and click the Next button.


  8. Enter where you want the PST file to be saved. Be default your local profile Outlook folder is selected, but you can change this if you like. Change the filename to Local Folders and the display name to Local Folders, and remove anything in the  Base Folder line. Now click on the Next button.


  9. This is another screen that allows you to change options for how the local folders are migrated. Leave the defaults and click the next button.


  10. Now we are about to run the AID4Mail and watch as the mail in the local folders are converted into a PST file. So click the Start button.


  11. Once the process has been run, you will see all of the files that got converted and where the PST is stored, and if there were any errors. From here click on the close button and now we can open the PST in Outlook.


  12. Open Outlook and from the menu bar choose File -> Open -> Outlook Data File…
  13. Navigate to where you stored the PST file that was created using AID4Mail, Select it, and click Open.

Your Local Folders will now appear in the window in the left side of the screen.

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