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What is the student course evaluation system?

Since 1986, the SOM has asked students to evaluat the effectiveness of each of the required courses/clerkships/selectives. More recently, the electives were added to the process, as well as evaluation of clinical and preclinical faculty, residents and other instructors. The system permits review of all courses to ensure that opportunities for improvement are identified and that successful endeavors are recognized.

All surveys for required courses are administered electronically. This has resulted in more efficient analyses and reporting. To promote continuous improvement within and across courses, quantitative and qualitative data are provided to all course directors and senior administrators responsible for managing and guiding the curriculum.

Why do students evaluate courses?

As consumers of the curriculum, students’ perspectives on the effectiveness of courses are important. The SOM System elicits this information upon completion of each required course; this feedback allows the SOM and course directors to ascertain whether the course was successfully administered, whether there are aspects of a course that need improvement or are deserving of praise. Over the years, student evaluations of courses have provided impetus for the examination and modification of courses.

How are courses evaluated?

Student surveys provide the primary data used to evaluate individual courses. Course faculty are evaluated as well. On an annual basis, courses are reviewed in the context of their course committees. Students conduct focus groups separate from the survey process, providing direct feedback.

Additional indicators, such as student performance on in-house exams, USMLE performance, match results, CPX performance, AAMC graduation questionnaire, and other data are used to evaluate the larger curriculum.

Which courses are evaluated?

All first year and second year courses are evaluated, as are clerkships, selectives and electives.

How are student course evaluations administered?

Beginning in the spring of 1999, electronic administration of surveys was implemented for the first and second-year, subsequently expanding into the 3rd and 4th years. Surveys for all courses across the four-year curriculum are now being administered electronically though the one45 system. The system ensures both confidential and anonymous responses.

Are course evaluation anonymous?

Student course evaluations are strictly confidential. All reporting is done in aggregate, after grades have been submitted.

Who receives the results of the course evaluations?

Completed reports provide aggregated quantitative data and open-ended comments for individual courses. The Offices of Medical Education sends these reports to the respective course/clerkship/selective director(s), departmental chair(s) and relevant committee members.

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