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Connect Carolina Student Center is where you will go to view your financial aid details. Follow the instructions below to view your financial aid package and complete the financial aid process.

How to View and Accept Your Financial Aid in Connect Carolina

Step 1: Log on to Connect Carolina Student Center with your active ONYEN and password.

Step 2: Reduce or Decline Your Award.

You are encouraged to do a budget and make adjustments to your award to avoid borrowing too much.

Step 3: Complete the “Financial Aid To Do List”.

The steps listed in this list must be completed before you can receive your financial aid. Be sure to always complete forms and applications through Connect Carolina, so that your to do list stays intact and accurate.

Step 4: Accept Your Stafford Loans.

Follow the directions listed in Connect Carolina for accepting your Stafford Loans.

Step 5: Complete Entrance Loan Counseling Session and Direct Loans Promissory Note.

You must complete both entrance counseling and a Master Promissory Note before you can receive your financial aid. Even if you have borrowed loans in previous years, you are considered a first time borrower with Direct Loans; therefore, you must complete the Entrance Loan Counseling Session and Master Promissory Note.

Note: “Medical School Address” – What does this mean? If you have documents that need to be submitted to the medical school, we’ve provided the medical school address in your to do list. This was added because the Scholarship and Student Aid address is hardcoded on the to do list, although all forms should be submitted to our office.

Visit to complete your counseling session and the Master Promissory Note.

You will need your four-digit PIN to log in. This is the same number you used when you completed your FAFSA.

Connect Carolina Billing

Connect Carolina is also where you will view your billing information. Paper bills will no longer be sent. It is your responsibility to tell your parents or any other person who helps pay your tuition that a bill is ready to be viewed and paid in ConnectCarolina. Failure to pay or defer the bill by the due date may result in late fees, interest, registration cancellation and/or holds. Click here for more information about ConnectCarolina E-Billing.

Special Situations

If you are doing something other than the standard curriculum, your award may need to be adjusted. Also, if you are attending or returning from the School of Public Health, there are some issues in getting your career plan changed to the actual school in which you should be enrolled. We are working to get this issue resolved.