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Requirements for Disbursement

In order to receive a disbursement of financial aid, you must:

  • Meet all Enrollment and Award Assumptions listed on the Financial Aid Notification
  • Be registered for the correct number of hours before the beginning of the semester (if you are not registered early enough, aid will not be disbursed in time to ensure availability during the first week of class)
  • Have completed entrance counseling from your “To Do” list in Connect Carolina
  • Complete a Master Promissory Note and supply two personal references (first time Stafford loan borrowers only)

Timeframe for Disbursement

Once you have met all the requirements for disbursement, the Financial Aid Office will transfer your funds to the Cashier’s Office. This typically occurs before the first week of class. Funds due to you are usually available to you on the first day of class. If you do not meet the requirements until after the beginning of the semester, your financial aid disbursement will be delayed. We anticipate refunds will be available mid-August. See the chart below for specific disbursement dates for each curriculum phase.

Foundation Phase Application Phase Individualization Phase
Fall Term Week of Orientation First week of July First week of July
Spring Term Second week of January Second week of January Second week of January

How Refunds are Determined

Once the financial aid funds have been credited to your account, the University Cashier will apply these to your bill. When the entire bill is paid, you will receive a refund. Normally, financial aid awarded by the Financial Aid Office (Title IV funds, Title VII funds, and School of Medicine scholarships) transfers automatically to your account. However, resources from beyond the office (private scholarships and/or loans) may not transfer as quickly. Be sure to check with the Financial Aid Office for all credits posted to the cashier’s bill.

Methods of Receiving Refunds

There are two methods for receiving refunds. The first is to pick up an actual check in the Cashier’s Office. You will be required to show a picture I.D. in order to obtain your refund check in person. The second option is to have the refund directly deposited into a checking or savings account. If you choose this option, you avoid long lines at the Cashier’s Office. Follow these instructions to set up direct deposit of your refunds through the Cashier’s Office.

Click here for more information about receiving refunds.

Tuition Refund Policy on Cancellation and Withdrawal

If you cancel your classes, the Financial Aid Office refunds 100% of the prepaid tuition and fees to your lender or scholarship.

Please note: Cancellation and withdrawal are different. CANCELLATION means that you have never attended class. No entry is made on your permanent record. To qualify for cancellation, the Registrar must verify non-attendance in class. WITHDRAWAL means dropping of ALL classes once classes have begun. This results in a prorated refund to your lender or scholarship.

Notice About Billing

Please note that paper bills will no longer be sent. It is your responsibility to tell your parents or any other person who helps pay your tuition that a bill is ready to be viewed and paid in Connect Carolina. Failure to pay or defer the bill by the due date may result in late fees, interest, registration cancellation, and/or holds.

Click here to designate an authorized user of your Connect Carolina account.

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