When you apply for financial aid, you will automatically be considered for all the types of assistance for which you are eligible, including both loans and scholarships. The Financial Aid Office creates a financial award for you with various different sources, the majority of which are loans and some of which are scholarships. Loans are the primary source of your financial award.

Scholarships are awarded from the Scholarship Committee based on review of your scholarship application, which is provided to you directly upon acceptance to UNC Chapel Hill School of Medicine. Both merit and need are considered when the Scholarship Committee evaluates applicants. The number of scholarships awarded as well as the amount of each individual award depends on the funds available, the need of the applicants, the qualifications of the applicants, and the number of applicants qualifying for financial assistance.

number of scholarships
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Some of the endowed scholarships available to our students through the Medical Foundation of North Carolina, Inc. include:

In addition to School of Medicine Scholarships; specialty scholarships, external and armed forces scholarships, service programs, and loans make up your financial aid options. Click the links below to learn more about these additional sources of funding: