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UNC Chapel Hill School of Medicine Medical Alumni Scholarships

There are a variety of scholarship opportunities for students at UNC’s School of Medicine. First are the scholarships hosted at UNC which are generously funded by the UNC Chapel Hill School of Medicine Medical Alumni and interested donors. Additionally, the UNC School of Medicine participates in multiple national scholarships which students must be nominated for. Students will need to apply for these scholarships individually. Each scholarship is emailed to the eligible students when applications open. For any questions related to the scholarships listed, please email Assistant Director of Scholarships and Awards, Brandon Woodmancy at

Loyalty Fund ScholarshipsA group of Loyalty Fund Scholarship recipients pose for a photo

The UNC School of Medicine Medical Alumni Loyalty Fund scholarship program was established in 1966 with a modest stipend to six students. The program now provides over 80 scholarships per year primarily for returning medical students in their second, third, and fourth years. The program is entirely alumni-funded thanks to the generosity of many of our loyal medical alumni. Scholarships are awarded based on demonstrated altruism, integrity, leadership, diversity and a commitment to community service.
Click here for more information about Loyalty Fund Scholarships.



Lucius Blanchard Carolina Family Scholarships

Dr. Lucius Blanchard and Blanchard Scholars posing for a picture

The premier scholarship program of the UNC School of Medicine, the Lucius Blanchard Carolina Family Loyalty Fund Scholarships are awarded annually to four first‐year medical students who demonstrate outstanding academic achievement, strong curiosity, leadership qualities, and commitment to service and, in some cases, financial need. These students enjoy the benefits of the Blanchard Scholarship throughout their four years of medical school. Through the generosity of Lucius Blanchard, MD ’68 the Blanchard Carolina Family Loyalty Fund Scholarship and loan program was created in 2008.

The Blanchard Scholarship provides:

  • A four‐year scholarship intended to equal, as near as possible, the cost of in‐state tuition.
  • The Blanchard Carolina Family Loan will provide an interest‐free loan of $20,000 a year for four years. The student has up to 10 years after graduation from medical school to repay the loan.
  • Blanchard Carolina Family Enrichment funds provided to enhance the student’s educational experience.

The selection process:

  • There is no scholarship application.
  • Recipients are selected by a committee following their admission to the MD program

Click here for more information about the Blanchard Carolina Family Scholarships.


Medical Alumni Faculty Scholarship

The UNC Medical Alumni Faculty Scholarship is supported by loyal alumni working at the UNC School of Medicine and the UNC Medical Center.  Established in 2013, this generous award helps recruit the brightest students by offering four years of support.


The Medical Alumni Faculty Scholarship Provides:

  • $15,000 scholarship towards tuition for one yearThe Medical Alumni Faculty Scholarship recipients pose for photo
  • $2,500 in annual enrichment funds to enhance the student’s educational experience for up to four years

The selection process:

  • There is no scholarship application
  • Recipients are selected by a committee following their admissions to the MD program.

J. Rush Shull, MD Scholarships (Residency)

The J. Rush Shull M.D. scholarships were established in 1994 by the Griffin Endowment. J. Rush Shull, M.D. received his certificate of medicine from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill in 1908. While putting himself through Medical School, he held several jobs; including teaching histology. He received his M.D. and his training at the University of Pennsylvania, and then setup a solo practice in Rutherford County. Several years later, he returned to Harvard Medical School to pursue a radiology fellowship and became one of the first radiologists in the South. He practiced radiology in Charlotte for forty years until he retired. He passed away in 1964.

The criteria for the award include academic achievement, service to humanity, and breadth of personal and educational experience, with preference given to students who graduated from a high school in North Carolina. The award will be granted to a graduating senior who has also demonstrated a commitment to community service and who will be entering a primary care residency program in North Carolina. You may begin to complete the application process now; however, eligibility of the award will be verified after Match Day. Two recipients will be selected and awarded $15,000 each.

Please note that there is an additional application process for this scholarship. Your application will need to include:

  • A transcript: you may have your transcript given directly to the the Brandon Woodmancy (email below) – please indicate on your request form
  • A personal statement (can be emailed): You may use your personal statement that was on your residency application.
  • Curriculum Vitae (can be emailed)
  • A written statement (can be emailed): stating that you give permission for the appropriate awards committee to review the requested documents and to inquire about your financial need.

For more information about the J. Rush Shull, MD Scholarship, please contact Brandon Woodmancy at



The William Hersey Davis, Jr., M.D. Pediatric Student Scholarship

The scholarship is funded through a generous gift from Pamela Davis Leight (daughter of Dr. Davis) and George Staples Leight, Jr., M.D.  The recipient will be awarded a $10,000 scholarship towards tuition. If the student’s tuition has already been covered, the student may use the scholarship money for room and board or other living expenses.

Eligible Applicants:

UNC medical students who anticipate graduation within the next year and who intend to specialize in pediatrics or medicine/pediatrics are eligible to apply for the scholarship.

Selection Criteria:

The medical student selected as the Davis Pediatric Scholar will be one who demonstrates a scholarly approach to pediatric medicine; an exemplary sensitivity, concern and care for children of all backgrounds; a special talent for putting patients and parents at ease; a willingness to both listen and provide clear explanations; a recognizable ability to gain the trust of patients, families, and other medical providers; high moral standards and ethical values; and a passion for enhancing the well-being of children everywhere.

How to Apply

Please submit your application by Tuesday, August 1st.  Please submit the forms and responses listed below electronically to me at  I will send a confirmation email upon receiving all listed material!

Applicants must submit:

  • Curriculum vitae
  • Personal statement that answers one of the following questions
    • Describe an experience with a patient or patient’s family member which made an impact on you.
    • Describe a life experience that you’ve had which influences the way you approach pediatric medicine.
  • Letter of recommendation from a pediatric faculty member who supervised the student during a pediatric clinical rotation.  This faculty member does not have to be at UNC.
  • Transcripts of pre-clinical grades and third year clerkships

For additional information on the William Hersey Davis Jr., M.D. Pediatric Student Scholarship, please visit


2023 Scott Neil Schwirck Fellowship

The Schwirck Fellowship was established in memory of Scott Neil Schwirck by his family and friends. Scott, a member of the Class of 1993, had an enthusiasm for science that was acknowledged by his receipt of several student research distinctions, including the Holderness Medical Fellowship, the Howard Hughes Medical Institute-National Institutes of Health Research Scholars grant, and membership in the John B. Graham Medical Student Research Society. Scott’s classmates honored his good character by selecting him to receive the William deB. MacNider Award posthumously. The fellowship will recognize students who demonstrate the qualities that Scott possessed: curiosity, intellectual vigor, enthusiasm for science and research, and, above all, a desire to help others.  A prize of $2,500.00 will be awarded to support the research efforts of a medical student.


To be considered for this opportunity, we must receive your application packet by 11:59pm EST Sunday, November 19th 2023. Please email your application to


Your application email should contain: 

1. A detailed description of the proposed research project that outlines the following:

    • the purpose
    • the background and significance
    • the expected beginning and completion dates
    • Please limit this portion to no more than 3 pages double spaced of content

2. A letter from the research preceptor indicating the preceptor’s support for the research and willingness to assist in arranging the proposed research experience if it is not already begun

3. A copy of your CV

Please combine all of your application documents into one PDF.  Do not send separate documents.


  • The recipients of the Scott Neil Schwirck Fellowship for Medical Student Research must complete his or her research before receiving their M.D.
  • Students who have received a Ph.D. may not apply.
  • Each recipient must submit a written report of their research experience to the review committee. Failure to do so may result in a stop placed on the recipient’s records pending receipt of this report.


If you have questions, feel free to email me (



Joseph Collins Scholarship Foundation

Amount: $10,000

Deadline: 2024 Cycle will open in January

Eligibility: Students attending medical schools east of the Mississippi River who are academically ranked in the upper half of their class and are interested in neurology, psychiatry, or general practice.

The Joseph Collins Scholarship Foundation was formally established on April 18, 1951, as the result of a bequest by the late Dr. Joseph Collins, pioneer in the field of neurology, with the stated purpose of aiding needy medical students to achieve an adequate education without sacrificing all other interest in the broad fields of learning. Dr. Joseph Collins was born in Brookfield, Connecticut on September 22, 1866. After attending the University of Michigan, where to earn his way, he was obliged, in his own words “to turn to teaching in district schools,” he received his M.D. at New York University in 1888. He subsequently did postgraduate work in Germany, France, Italy, and England.

Eligibility and Application Requirements for the Joseph Collins Scholarship:

  • The scholastic record and standing of the applicant; except in most unusual cases, must be in the upper half of his or her class.
  • A demonstrated interest on the part of the applicant in arts and letters or other cultural pursuits outside the field of medicine.
  • An indication that the applicant intends to consider specializing in neurology, psychiatry, or becoming a general practitioner.
  • Evidence of good moral character of the applicant.

Information on UNC’s internal application process will be announced at the start of the application cycle.

For more information about the Joseph Collins Scholarship, please contact Brandon Woodmancy @

Herbert W. Nickens Medical Student Scholarship

Amount: $5,000

Deadline: 2024 Cycle will open in February

Eligibility: Students attending medical schools who have shown leadership in efforts to eliminate inequities in medical education and health care, as well as have demonstrated leadership efforts in addressing educational, societal, and health care needs of racial and ethnic minorities in the United States.

Eligibility and Application Requirements for the Herbert W. Nickens Medical Student Scholarship:

  • A U.S. citizen or permanent resident
  • Entering the third year of study in an LCME-accredited U.S. medical school in the Fall following their application. Students enrolled in combined degree programs (such as M.D./Ph.D.) are eligible when they are entering their third year of medical school.

Information on UNC’s internal application process will be announced at the start of the application cycle.

Additional information regarding the Herbert W. Nickens Medical Student scholarship can be found here: Herbert W. Nickens Medical Student Scholarships | AAMC


AMAF Physicians of Tomorrow Scholarship

Amount: $10,000

Deadline: 2025 Cycle will open in January

Eligibility: The AMAF Physicians of Tomorrow scholarship has a variety of scholarships that UNC will nominate students into. Most of these scholarships have specific requirements, but the general requirements are:

  • Must be nominated through the medical school dean’s office or the dean’s designate
  • A U.S. citizen or permanent resident
  • Entering their final year of study with intentions of graduation for the academic year following application. If you are entering an LOA, you would not be eligible to apply until the semester before you intend to return to curriculum.

Each medical school is allowed 2 nominations per category (unless otherwise specified). However, a student can only be nominated for under 1 category.  AMA membership is not taken into consideration at all when determining selection, both internally or for the national decision process.

Information on UNC’s internal application process will be announced at the start of the application cycle.

For additional information on the various scholarship categories, please visit the AMAF Physicians of Tomorrow website here: Scholarships – AMA Foundation

Conference Travel Support

The UNC School of Medicine is happy to announce a Conference Travel Support program.  This fund is intended to help students who are attending conferences while enrolled in the Medical School.  This fund will not cover the entire cost of travel and should be seen as a support to the expected costs that come with conference attendance.

This fund is available to:

  • Students actively enrolled and in Application or Individualization phase at the time of the conference
  • Students who are presenting, volunteering at the conference, or representing the institution.  General attendance support can be applied for, but is not guaranteed

After completing the form below, it will be reviewed, and the applicant will receive an outcome email with additional information. If approved, the student will have an additional form to complete after the conference requesting additional material.

Apply Here!

Some things to note:

  • Students may receive up to $500
  • Students may only receive this once for conference travel while at UNC
  • Completion of this form must be ahead of the conference. Preferably by at least 3 weeks
  • A post-attendance form is also required after returning from the travel. You must complete the form within two weeks of return from the conference or risk a hold being placed on your account.

If you have any questions, please contact Brandon Woodmancy at

John B. Graham Student Medical Research Society Travel Award

Dear UNC School of Medicine Medical Students,

Do you have research that you are planning to present outside UNC? Are you preparing for an upcoming conference?

The John B. Graham Student Medical Research Society is accepting applications for travel awards (~$500), generously funded by the UNC Medical Alumni Association. These awards are in the form of reimbursement for travel, conference registration fees, and lodging expenses.

The deadlines are March 15, August 15, and November 15th (by midnight, no exceptions).

Covid-19 update: Travel award distribution is based on university regulations and guidelines. There are no Covid related restrictions at this time.

Students who have not previously received a John B. Graham travel award and are current John B. Graham society members (this includes ALL students who have presented at UNC Student Research Day) are eligible to apply. Priority will be given to students applying for funding for an upcoming conference.

Please send all documents as one PDFYour application will need to include:

  • A filled-out application sheet
  • A copy of the accepted abstract (of which the student should be the first author)
  • A copy of the invitation to present or confirmation letter from the meeting
  • A letter of support from the student’s research preceptor describing the student’s role in the project and what funding support is available to the student for travel

Additional information can be found at

National Health Service Corps (NHSC)

Amount: Variable (based in large part on the cost of educational expenses)

Deadline: Late Spring

Eligibility: Full-time medical students who are U.S. citizens.

This program provides scholarships to train health care professionals in those disciplines and specialties most needed to deliver primary health care services in health professional shortage areas in the United States. Scholarship recipients will receive a monthly stipend payment, and an amount for other reasonable costs, including books, laboratory cost, disability insurance, etc. In addition, the NHSC Scholarship Program also pays tuition and required fees to the training institution on behalf of the recipients.

Eligibility and Application Requirements for the National Health Service Corps:

  • U.S. citizen or U.S. national
  • Full-time student at an accredited school, pursuing a degree in medicine (MD or DO), Dentistry (DDS or DMD), nurse practitioner, certified nurse-midwife, or physician assistant in primary care.

Click here to apply or find more information about the National Health Service Corps.

National Medical Fellowships (NMF)

Amount: Variable

Deadline: Various Deadlines

Eligibility: Students committed to serving medically underserved communities.

The National Medical Fellowships were started in 1946 by Franklin C. McLean, M.D., Ph.D., who was a visionary in medical education. Dr. McLean was accustomed to breaking “new ground,” first as a founding medical director of the Peking University Medical College in China and then as the first chairman of the department of medicine of the University of Chicago’s teaching hospital and head of the University of Chicago Clinics. Dr. McLean was acutely aware of the paucity of “Negro” doctors who were trained in the medical sub-specialties. Determined to effect change in this area, Dr. McLean and a group of colleagues formed Provident Medical Associates; an organization that provided opportunities for subspecialty training to doctors on staff at Provident Hospital in Chicago. This organization later became National Medical Fellowships, Inc. There are many NMF Scholarship programs, and they all consider both merit and financial need.

Eligibility and Application Requirements for National Medical Fellowships (varies by program):

  • U.S. citizen or DACA approval letter
  • Currently enrolled in an accredited U.S. medical school
  • Demonstrated leadership ability
  • Commitment to serving medically underserved communities

Click here to apply or find more information about the National Medical Fellowships.


Pisacano Scholars Leadership Program

Amount: $28,000

Deadline: March 1

Eligibility: Third year medical students pursuing family medicine.

The Pisacano Leadership Foundation (PLF) seeks to advance family medicine by providing well-educated, community-minded leaders in primary care. By aiding students who demonstrate the highest levels of commitment to family medicine, scholarship, leadership, character, interpersonal skills, and community service, the PLF will promote the development of the future leaders in the specialty. The Pisacano Scholars Leadership program is designed to provide educational programs, leadership training, and funding to reimburse a portion of medical school-related debt. Scholarships will be awarded to outstanding medical students for a four-year period. Students who have made a commitment to the field of family medicine may apply. Financial need is not considered in the selection process. The PLF will award scholarships with a maximum value of $28,000 each.

Eligibility and Application Requirements for the Pisacano Scholars Leadership Program Scholarship:

  • Third year medical student
  • Strong commitment to the specialty of family medicine
  • Leadership skills, superior academic achievement, strong communication skills, identifiable character and integrity, and a noteworthy level of community service

Click here to apply or find more information about the Pisacano Leadership Foundation.

American Society of Hematology (ASHTM) Minority Medical Student Award Program (MMSAP)

Amount: $5,000 stipend; $2,000 travel allowance

Deadline: February 1

Eligibility: Third year medical students pursuing family medicine.

The MMSAP provides funding to medical students to engage them in the study of hematology and to help them attain valuable knowledge in the field through completion of a summer research experience and attendance at the ASH annual meeting. The MMSAP includes both research and mentoring components. Participants receive a stipend to complete an eight- to 12 week summer research project with a research mentor. The mentoring begins during the application phase and continues throughout medical school and residency. In addition to the mentoring, students receive a variety of immediate and long-term benefits, including a $5,000 stipend, a $2,000 travel allowance for attending the ASH annual meeting, complimentary ASHTM journal subscription, networking opportunities, experience presenting research to more than 200 attendees, and the guidance of a research and career development mentor.

Click here to apply or find more information about the American Society of Hematology Minority Medical Student Award Program.