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The School of Medicine wants to support scholarly activities of our medical students, faculty and staff.  We have established a process by which individuals may apply for financial support to present at local, regional and national meetings.

Given the challenges of publishing in peer-review journals, we also recognize that there are times open access journals are the most appropriate venue for publication.  There are often times publication fees associated with open access journals.  Therefore, we invite you to submit a request to subsidize these costs as well.

For Medical Student Support: In response to Federal guidelines the University has recently changed the way student aid is reported and disbursed. This affects the way OME will provide support for travel and/or publications. The method of funding will differ based on the classification of support which may either be “University business” or “Student benefit”.  If the support is deemed “Student benefit”, financial support will be counted towards student aid and may affect financial aid recipients.  We are currently refining these definitions to provide greater clarity to medical students seeking support.

If you have questions regarding these policies, please contact Dr. Kurt Gilliland.