What is summer review?

The Student Promotions Committee (SPC) will review the student’s record to determine whether the student will remediate a failing grade by retaking the course in Summer Review or in a decelerated curriculum. This determination is made on a case-by-case basis. If a student has failed only one course, achievement has be strong in other courses and there are no other concerning factors to consider, retaking the course in summer review is probably going to be considered an appropriate venue for retaking the course. If a student has more than one failing or condition grade or if the performance in other courses is borderline (final grade is less than 70% or near the pass-fail cut off, the SPC is not likely to recommend retaking the failed course in summer.

Summer Review is a second formal registration for a given course, for which the student pays tuition and fees, and receives credit as reflected on his/her transcript. It is either a structured or semi-structured guided independent study of the course material. The summer review Course Director (CD) will set dates for formative and final assessments, may assign homework, may hold formal sessions, and will inform students of resources (including faculty) that are available. No more than one Block may be remediated in Summer Review.

For more information, see: http://www.med.unc.edu/md/records-enrollment/guidelines-for-grading-remediation-and-deceleration?searchterm=%22remediation+of+Failing+Grades%22

Students who receive a Pass for summer review will be reviewed by the SPC and promoted; those who do not pass summer review will be reviewed by the SPC to determine if they should appear before the SPC, enter a decelerated curriculum, be recommended for a leave of absence or be reviewed for dismissal.

How will my summer review course be recorded on my transcript?


Summer review courses are listed on the transcript in addition to the original course for which students are enrolled:

6 Aug 2007 to 15 June 2008

MEDI 140 Molecules to Cells F5




MEDI 140 Molecules to Cells Review P

5 indicates that the student was required to participate in a formal faculty-suervised summer review

The summer review grade does not replace the grade for the original course.

Will the failing grade and summer review be mentioned in my Medical Student Performance Evaluation (MSPE) when I apply for residency (dean’s letter)?

The format of the dean’s letter is set by the AAMC and includes the question:

Was this student required to repeat or otherwise remediate any coursework during his/her medical education?. [If yes] please explain.

Typically, the dean’s letter explanation would read , “As a first-year student, Mr./Ms./Dr. (name) received a failing grade in Molecules to Cells and was required to participate in a faculty-supervised summer review and retake the examination. Upon so doing, he/she passed the course. “


Will financial aid be available for summer review?

Financial aid is available to students who are retaking a course summer review if they are are otherwise qualified for financial aid. Please contact Ms. Sheila Graham McDonald, Financial Aid Officer in 1001 Bondurant Hall, smgraham@med.unc.edu, 962-6117 or to schedule an appointment, please contact Ms. Denitra Price 1001 Bondurant Hall, denitra_price@med.unc.edu, 962-6118.

When is summer review? How long does summer review last?

For billing purposes, MS2 summer review is scheduled to take place during main campus first summer session and MS1 summer review is scheduled to take place during the main campus second summer session. In actuality, summer review for first and second year students usually begins approximately one week after the end of their respective spring semester. MS2 summer review begins approximately the third week in May; MS1 summer review begins approximately the first whole week of June. The duration of summer review is determined by the course director: usually 4-7 weeks for MS1s and 1-2 weeks for MS2s.

Do I have access to campus resources during the summer?

As an actively enrolled fee-paying student, you have access to campus resources as you do during fall and spring semesters.


What happens if I have summer plans for research, service, international projects, military or other obligations?

Summer review for first-year students is an opportunity to retake an 8-week course during the summer a shorter period of time. It is a full-time endeavor and as such, we recommend that you postpone summer-long projects that will compete for your time and attention. In some cases, particular events might be of a short duration such that you and the course director may be able to negotiate limited flexibility in exam dates. Students with military obligations are encouraged to contact Mr. Forrest Page, Registrar.

As an MS2 , how does summer review affect studying for and taking Step 1 and starting third year?

Second-year students are urged to reserve ample time to study summer review course materials and to avoid taking the summer review exam(s) before they are sure they will successfully pass. Students are likewise advised to delay taking their Step 1 exams and their first clerkship. Please see Debbie Ingersoll for further information and to work out a schedule based on individual needs.

Am I required to be on campus during summer review?

The course director will determine whether there are formal sessions at which attendance is required. Students must be on campus to take their exam(s).

Course materials

Students have access to online syllabi, lecture capture, and PowerPoints. Other course materials may be available also, with the exception of gross anatomy samples, cadavers, wet lab material, etc.

Is tutoring available for summer review?


If we can find qualified tutors who are available and interested in tutoring during summer review, and if there are adequate funds available in the Student Affairs budget, we will be able to provide tutoring for summer review students.

How can I find other students taking summer review who might be interested in forming study groups?

Any student interested in forming study groups may send his/her name to Debbie Ingersoll for the purpose of releasing it to others who have also given permission to release their names.

How will my F and summer review impact my choice of specialties and my chances of matching in a good residency program?

The impact of your F and summer review on your specialty choice and residency program vary according to specialty, residency program, the course in question, and whether the course is in first or second year. Contact your Advisory College Advisor, Dr. Dent, or others in the Office of Student Affairs for more information.