Program Overview

The Educational Resource Coordinator (ERC), , provides academic counseling and assistance to students who refer themselves or are referred by faculty, staff, advisors, Student Promotions Committee, Medical Education Development program, class advocates, or peers.  Additionally, the ERC tracks student performance on all exams to offer support as early as possible to students who have academic difficulty.   is a doctoral level educator with experience in support services in higher education for students with learning disabilities and attention deficit disorders. She seeks to provide a forum in which students can talk frankly and confidentially about concerns, allowing them to craft individual plans of action.  Appointments, email, or telephone contacts are welcome, and when possible, Dr. Ingersoll is happy to accommodate walk-in appointments.

ERC Services

Dr. Debbie Ingersoll typically meets with students individually to offer an array of support and resources, including:

  • discussing the transition to medical school and the demands of courses
  • reviewing stress management techniques in order to avoid, address, or remediate academic problems
  • examining students’ learning style preferences, time management, and organizational skills
  • recognizing strengths, weaknesses, and approaches to learning
  • offering test taking strategies and error analyses
  • developing study plans, including Step 1 preparation
  • discussing additional issues and making appropriate referrals regarding depression, anxiety, grief, chronic medical conditions, disability, accessibility and accommodations
  • referring students to tutoring services

Useful Resources

Clinical Academic Resources Director

Campus Health

CAPS Health Topics Online Resources (Academic Success, ADHD, Grief, Stress, Sleep and others)

Counseling and Psychological Services at Campus Health

College Advisors

Student Advocates

UNC Learning Center

Learning Center Handouts/Tips (Studying, Time Management, Procrastination, Stress and more)

Accessibility Resources and Services

Exam Master


Step Exams