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Adult Neurology

Michael Wang
Clinical Associate Professor

Ana Felix
Assistant Professor

Pediatric Neurology

Diana Cejas
Assistant Professor

FAQs / Additional Info

How do students get assigned a career goal advisor?
Any student who is interested in neurology can reach out to any of the three career goal advisors in Neurology, and we become the student’s career goal advisor.

What should my Individualization Phase look like?
Schedule one Neurology AI relatively early on in Individualization Phase (i.e. before August).  Additional Neurology rotations are optional

Do all my rotations need to be in Neurology?

Should I do an away rotation?  What in?
Up to you.  If you want to get into a specific Neurology residency program, it might help.  But it is no required by any means.

Do I need a rotation at UNC if I spent my time in Charlotte/Asheville/Wilmington?
It would be ideal to do a Neurology AI, which is only offered at UNC.

When do I need to meet with my career goal advisor?  How do I prepare?
Ideally, you would meet with your career goal advisor late in Application Phase or early in Individualization Phase to make sure that we have a good game plan for the residency application process.

How many letters of recommendation do I need?  From whom should I get them?
Typically, three letters total.  One will likely be from the Neurology AI course director.  Another should be from a Neurology attending that you worked with.  The last letter can be from anyone.

When do I ask for my letters?  What do they need?
Ideally, you should ask for a letter soon after you worked with the letter writer.  You should be prepared to give a copy of your CV and a rough draft of a personal statement.

How do I determine the best programs I should apply to?
Talk to your career goal advisor.  Talk to Neurology attendings that you work with.  Talk to the Neurology residents that you work with.

I just got this great piece of news…do I need to notify programs
It does not usually make a difference with most programs.

My LORs aren’t in, and ERAS just opened!
That is okay, just get everything else uploaded into ERAS as soon as it opens.  And then a gentle reminder to your letter writers that you need those letters ASAP.

I am waitlisted for an interview at X and I’d really like to see that program.  What do I do?
You could try to e-mail the program director directly and convey why you are interested in that particular program.

I didn’t get an interview at X program.  Should I send them a “letter of intent”?
Probably won’t make much of a difference.

Should I send thank you letters to programs?
You can, but it doesn’t really make any difference.

Should I send a letter to the program I am planning to rank #1?
You can, but it doesn’t really make any difference.

How do I respond if a program reaches out to me after my interview?
Be polite but take it all with a grain of salt.  Don’t let it influence your overall decision.