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Lee Shuping
Director of Medical Student Education
Note: Dr. Shuping will connect you to a CGA based on interests and needs.

FAQs / Additional Info

How do students get assigned a career goal advisor?
Contact the head career goal advisor or by searching for their own.

What should my Individualization Phase schedule look like?
At least one PMR rotation, possible radiology, sports, surgery, personal interests

Do all my rotations need to be in PMR?
Absolutely not, definitely rotate with PMR at least once, but enjoy learning about the breadth of medicine available.

Should I do an away rotation?  What in?
Not necessarily, if there is a program you are in love with.

Do I need a rotation at UNC if I spent my time in Charlotte/Asheville/Wilmington?
Would definitely recommend it, different programs.

When do I need to meet with my career goal advisor?  How do I prepare?
End of 3rd year, every 2-3 months through 4th year, more often as needed for letter-writing purposes.

How many letters of recommendation do I need?  From whom should I get them?
At least 3.

When do I ask for my letters?  What do they need?
At least 4-8 weeks before ERAS applications are released to programs.  Offer your CV and personal statement (even a draft).

How do I determine the best programs I should apply to?
Very personal decision; depends on department size, personal goals, desire for fellowship, target patient population, geography….

I just got this great piece of news…do I need to notify programs
Depends, would discuss with your advisor.

My LORs aren’t in and ERAS just opened!
It’s fine…send a gentle email reminder to your letter writers.

I am waitlisted for an interview at X and I’d really like to see that program.  What do I do?
Touch base with their program coordinator every week or two to make sure they know.

I didn’t get an interview at X program.  Should I send them a “letter of intent”?
Sure, couldn’t hurt.

Should I send thank you letters to programs?
Always and handwritten is best.

Should I send a letter to the program I am planning to rank #1?
Sure, but remember that they are not allowed to respond in reciprocity.

How do I respond if a program reaches out to me after my interview?
Thank them, remember that programs are NOT allowed to offer spots or discuss rankings with prospective residents.  This could result in penalties to the program.