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The following data is available to you as an informative resource for elective selection. The data refers to the number of electives scheduled in the academic year 2019-2020.

Below, you will find a list of electives that previous domestic and international students have participated through the Visiting Student Program. The availability of electives varies constantly throughout the year, as well as from year to year. The data below is no guarantee of availability. Some electives are never requested and go unfilled, while many other electives are completely filled by our own UNC medical students. Electives not shown below may still be available, but may be less likely to obtain or are not frequently requested.

Elective Enrollment DVS 2019-20

Course NumberCourse TitleDomestic Students
AHEC 404 Acting Internship in Medicine1
AHEC 414Acting Internship in Ob/Gyn2
AHEC 421Acting Internship in Pediatrics1
AHEC 422Acting Internship in General Pediatrics8
AHEC 424AI Pediatric Hospital Medicine3
AHEC 428Acting Internship in Orthopedic Trauma9
AHEC 436Acting Internship in Inpatient Family Medicine2
AHEC 444Acting Internship in Inpatient Family Medicine6
ANES 401/407Acting Internship in Anesthesiology/Advanced Elective in Anesthesiology7
ANES 403Anesthesiology Research1
APSM 402-21Advance Practice Selective-Medicine Malawi1
ASHV 411Assertive Community Treatment Team (ACTT) Elective Rotation1
DERM 401Dermatology6
ERMD 401Acting Internship in Emergency Medicine21
ERMD 402Acting Internship in Emergency Medicine24
ERMD 421Emergency Medicine Healthcare disparities3
FMME 414Family Medicine Elective1
FMME 417Acting Internship in Family Medicine9
FMME 421Acting Internship in Inpatient Family Medicine10
FMME 430Ambulatory Care at MAHEC Family Practice Residency7
FMME 446Acting Internship in Family Medicine3
FMME 453Acting Internship in Family Medicine9
FMME 457Combined Ambulatory Care Experience11
FMME 458Acting Internship MAHEC Hendersonville Family Medicine3
FMME 459Migrant Farmworker Health1
MEDI 406Cardiovascular Critical Care1
MEDI 407Digestive Diseases and Nutrition1
MEDI 408Hematology/ Oncology Consults3
MEDI 411Diagnosis and Management of Infectious Diseases3
MEDI 431Pulmonary Consults2
MEDI 432Acting Internship in Medicine23
MEDI 434Gastroenterology1
MEDI 465Acting Internship Ward Medicine10
MEDI 508Endocrinology1
MEDI 511Hematology/Oncology at Levine Cancer Institute1
MEDI 537Geriatric Medicine2
NEUR 408Neurocritical Care Elective2
NEUR 410Pediatric Neurology1
NEUR 412Acting Internship in Neurology2
OBGN 402Acting Internship in Maternal Fetal Medicine1
OBGN 412Acting Internship in Gynecologic Oncology4
OBGN 418Acting Internship in Maternal - Fetal Medicine3
OBGN 419Acting Internship in Gynecology4
OBGN 423Acting Internship in Gynecologic Oncology2
OBGN 440Elective in Obstetrics and Gynecology6
OBGN 499Speical Elective in OB1
OPHT 401Advanced Clinical Ophthalmology8
ORTS 440Precepteeship in Orthopaedics15
ORTS 448Orthopaedic Subspecialties - Orthopaedic Trauma Acting Internship15
OTOL 450Acting Internship in Otolaryngology Head and Neck Surgery18
PATY 401Clerkship in Surgical Pathology2
PATY 416Forensic Pathology Clerkship4
PEDS 404Acting Internship in Pediatric Neonatology2
PEDS 406Pediatric Pulmonology1
PEDS 408Pediatric Hematology/Oncology3
PEDS 414Acting Internship in Neonatology4
PEDS 418Pediatric Cardiology1
PEDS 421Pediatric ICU4
PEDS 426Pediatric Nephrology2
PEDS 430Internal Medicine/Pediatrics Combined Hospitalist Service4
PEDS 433Subspecialty Elective in Pediatric Infectious Disease & Immunology2
PEDS 436Subspecialty Elective in Pediatric Pulmonology1
PEDS 438Subspecialty Elective in Pediatric Gastroenterology Hepatology & Nutrition1
PEDS 439Subspecialty Elective in Pediatric Hematology-Oncology2
PEDS 441Pediatric Rheumatology1
PEDS 442Pediatric Rheumatology and Orthopaedics2
PEDS 443Medical Genetics1
PEDS 445Pediatric Gastroenterology1
PEDS 449Acting Internship in Pediatric Critical Care1
PEDS 450Acting Internship in Ambulatory Pediatrics2
PMED 401Introduction to Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation1
PMED 452Fieldwork in Alternative and Complementary Therapies1
PMED 479Introduction to Rehabilitation10
PMED 480Introduction to Traumatic Brain Injury3
PSYY 403Child Psychiatry2
PSYY 404Consultation Psychiatry2
PSYY 405Exploration in Child Psychiatry1
PSYY 413Inpatient Adult Psychiatry2
PSYY 414Inpatient Child Psychiatry4
PSYY 415Consultation Psychiatry1
PSYY 416Community-Based Care of the Severely Mentally Ill2
PSYY 419Emergency Rooom Psychiatry2
PSYY 423Acting Internship in Psychiatry2
PSYY 432Outpatient Community Psychiatry2
RADY 401General Radiology1
RADY 410Vascular Interventional Radiology4
RADY 414Radiation Oncology5
RADY 416Cardiothoracic Radiology1
SpecialPoint-of-care Ultrasound elective dates1
SURS 427AI Elective in Acute Care Surgery6
SURS 447Critical Care Medicine4
SURY 405Acting Internship in Trauma and Emergency General Surgery1
SURY 409Acting Internship in Vascular Surgery4
SURY 410Acting Internship in Abdominal Transplant Surgery3
SURY 411Acting Internship in Gastrointestinal Surgery2
SURY 415General Surgery9
SURY 418Pediatric Surgery2
SURY 419Cardiovascular Surgery1
SURY 420Acting Internship in Cardiothoracic Surgery2
SURY 428Acting Internship in Gastrointestinal Surgery - Minimally Invasive and Hepatobiliary/ Pancreatic1
SURY 430Acting Internship in Neurosurgery7
SURY 434Acting Internship - Surgery4
SURY 436Neurosurgery10
SURY 438Pediatric Surgery1
SURY 439AI Elective in Acute Care Surgery8
SURY 456Acting Internship in Urology6
SURY 467Acting Internship in Plastic Surgery10
SURY 470Acting Internship in Urology15
SURY 485Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery1

Enrollment Total IVS 2019-2020

Course Number Course TitleInternational Students
AHEC 404 Acting Internship in Medicine1
ERMD 401Acting Internship in Emergency Medicine4
MEDI 406Cardiovascular Critical Care5
MEDI 407Digestive Diseases and Nutrition6
MEDI 408Hematology/ Oncology Consults3
MEDI 411Diagnosis and Management of Infectious Diseases2
MEDI 412Medicine and Pediatric Endocrinology2
MEDI 413Nephrology6
MEDI 414Pulmonary Medicine7
MEDI 449Critical Care Medicine1
MEDI 465Acting Internship Ward Medicine10
MEDI 475Heart Failure/Cardiac Transplantation3
MEDI 481Preventive Cardiology1
MEDI 537Geriatric Medicine4
NEUR 412Acting Internship in Neurology4
PEDS 405Pediatric Infectious Diseases1
PEDS 414Acting Internship in Neonatology1
PEDS 421Pediatric ICU1
PEDS 445Pediatric Gastroenterology2
PEDS 465Diagnostic, Complex Care and Transition Clinic1
PMED 401Introduction to Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation1
PSYY 403Child Psychiatry3
PSYY 404Consultation Psychiatry1
PSYY 405Exploration in Child Psychiatry3
PSYY 407Acting Internship Perinatal Psychiatry1
PSYY 436Acting Internship in Psychiatry4
RADY 401General Radiology2
RADY 410Vascular Interventional Radiology3
RADY 412Bone and Joint Radiology1
SURY 405Acting Internship in Trauma and Emergency General Surgery4
SURY 411Acting Internship in Gastrointestinal Surgery1
SURY 420Acting Internship in Cardiothoracic Surgery1
SURY 430Acting Internship in Neurosurgery1
SURY 467Acting Internship in Plastic Surgery1
SURY 481Acting Intership in Surgical Oncology3