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The following data is available to you as an informative resource for elective selection. The data refers to the number of electives scheduled in the academic year 2023 – 2024.

Below, you will find a list of electives that previous domestic students have participated through the Visiting Student Program. The availability of electives varies constantly throughout the year, as well as from year to year. The data below is no guarantee of availability. Some electives are never requested and go unfilled, while many other electives are filled by our own UNC medical students. Electives not shown below may still be available, but may be less likely to be obtained or are not frequently requested.

Elective Enrollment DVS 2023 - 2024

Course NumberCourse TitleLocationDomestic Students
ANES 401AI in AnesthesiologyChapel Hill, NC
DERM 401AI in DermatologyChapel Hill, NC
ERMD 401AI in Emergency MedicineChapel Hill, NC
FMME 409Novant Health Family MedicineCharlotte, NC3
FMME 417AI in Family Medicine Chapel Hill, NC11
FMME 421AI in Inpatient Family MedicineAsheville, NC1
FMME 436AI in Inpatient Family MedicineGreensboro, NC3
FMME 453AI in Family MedicineWilmington, NC8
FMME 457Combined Ambulatory Care ExperienceAsheville/Hendersonville, NC3
FMME 458AI in Family MedicineHendersonville, NC1
FMME 461Rural Impatient and Outpatient Family MedicineBoone, NC4
FMME 475AI in Hospital MedicineGreensboro, NC2
GLBE 459Migrant Farmworker HealthHendersonville, NC2
MEDI 411Diagnosis and Management of Infectious DiseasesChapel Hill, NC1
MEDI 445AI in Medicine Wilmington, NC7
MEDI 540AI in Medicine Greensboro, NC2
MPED AI in Internal Medicine/Pediatrics ServiceChapel Hill, NC5
MPED 402EndocrinologyChapel Hill, NC1
NEUR 412AI in NeurologyChapel Hill, NC4
NEUR 408Neurocritical CareChapel Hill, NC1
NEUR 410Pediatric NeurologyChapel Hill, NC1
OBGN 402AI in Maternal Fetal MedicineChapel Hill, NC2
OBGN 411AI in Obstetrics and GynocologyAsheville, NC4
OBGN 412AI in Obstetrics and GynocologyChapel Hill, NC2
OPHT 401Advanced Clinical OpthalmologyChapel Hill, NC7
ORTS 440AI in OrthopaedicsChapel Hill, NC12
OTOL 450AI in Otolaryngology, Head and Neck Surgery
Chapel Hill, NC18
PATY 401AI in Surgical PathologyChapel Hill, NC3
PEDS 405Pediatric Infectious DiseasesChapel Hill, NC4
PEDS 415NeonatologyChapel Hill, NC4
PEDS 419Pediatric ICUChapel Hill, NC3
PEDS 420AI in PediatricsGreensboro, NC3
PEDS 442Pediatric Rheumatology and OrthopaedicsChapel Hill, NC3
PMED 401Physical Medicine and RehabilitationChapel Hill, NC29
PSYY 403Child PsychiatryChapel Hill1
PSYY 410AI in PsychiatryGreensboro, NC3
RADY 401General RadiologyChapel Hill, NC2
RADY 410Vascular RadiologyChapel Hill, NC2
RADY 413Breast Imaging Chapel Hill, NC2
SURY 405Trauma and Emergency General SurgeryChapel Hill, NC2
SURY 409AI in Vascular SurgeryChapel Hill, NC3
SURY 426Critical Care SurgeryAsheville, NC2
SURY 430AI in NeurosurgeryChapel Hill, NC8
SURY 434AI in SurgeryWilmington, NC4
SURY 467AI in Plastic SurgeryChapel Hill, NC5
SURY 470AI in UrologyChapel Hill, NC13
SURY 486AI in Surgical OncologyAsheville, NC2