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What our residents and graduates love the most about UNC:

“I am grateful for the independent decision making UNC cultivated in me during training. I was confidently prepared to manage complex issues when I began practice. In addition, the early and intentional cataract training equipped me to handle any surgical situation I encountered. Part of that is thanks to the weekly hours we spent in the wet lab, practicing our suturing technique and capsulorhexis skills on pig eyes.”

-Sylvia Groth, MD

Class of 2017

Glaucoma specialist at Vanderbilt University, Nashville,TN

Sylvia Groth, M D

“What I loved the most about my residency at UNC was getting to know my amazing coresidents and the collegiality of the program. My favorite rotations were the months with Dr. Cohen and at the VA.”

-Veronica Kon Graversen, MD

Class of 2016

Retina specialist at Retina Health Center, Fort Myers, FL

Veronica Kon Graversen, M D

“UNC gave me the tools and training so that I could walk into my clinic straight from residency with the confidence and skillset needed to run my practice and provide the most advanced surgical eye care for my patients.”

-Andrew Hunter, MD

Class of 2015

Comprehensive ophthalmologist, Bluffton, SC

Andrew Hunter, M D

“My residency at UNC Ophthalmology gave me the preparation, surgical skills, and confidence to practice “true” comprehensive ophthalmology.  The program provided a truly in-depth course of training for cataract surgery, so additional fellowship training was not essential for handling complex cases.  One of the elite aspects of the program, however, was the clinical and surgical exposure to the subspecialties, so that I feel confident medically and surgically treating an array of pediatric, glaucoma, plastics, and retina patients in my practice.  This breadth also makes it easy to succeed in top-notch fellowship programs from the training you receive at UNC.”

-Jennifer Jordan, MD

Class of 2017

Comprehensive ophthalmologist, Goldsboro, NC

Jennifer Jordan, M D

“I enjoyed many things about my residency at UNC and most especially appreciated the excellent balance of autonomy and supervision during resident clinic and the supportive learning environment from other residents, fellows and faculty members.”

-Jessica Olayanju, MD

Class of 2018

Comprehensive Ophthalmology, Manchester, CT

Jennifer Jordan, M D

“UNC was a no-brainer for ophthalmology residency given its strong ties to academics, rigorous surgical curriculum, and strong leadership. Despite all this, the residents are absolutely the best aspect of the program. Year after year, we hand select a group of diligent, hard-working, diverse, and intelligent people that you will soon call your second family”

-Basil Mathews, PGY-3

Basil Mathews, P G Y - 3

“UNC has trained me to be both a proficient clinician and surgeon. From a clinical standpoint, the resident subspecialty clinics in the afternoon struck a perfect balance between autonomy and oversight, and served both to grow my knowledge-base and confidence. From a surgical standpoint, it really all begins with our outstanding wet lab and from there is carried forward by our excellent hands-on learning in the OR. Being from the Midwest, I’ve also loved getting to know the Chapel Hill/Durham area.”

-Brent Kramer, PGY-4

Brent Kramer, P G Y - 4

“Over the last year, I have felt challenged, encouraged, and safe in the UNC ophthalmology family. I attribute much of my growth to our resident clinics where we have autonomy in patient care and terrific oversight when needed. Secondly, our wet lab offers a unique escape from clinical duties in order to hone our surgical skills. This program has produced high caliber successful ophthalmologists before me and I am confident that I will ultimately follow suit.”

-Jessica Duddleston, PGY-3

Jessica Duddleston, P G Y - 3