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Newsletter 2010
60TH Anniversary UNC Eye Symposium Registration Brochure
2011 UNC Eye Newsletter
2012 Newsletter
2013 Spring Symposium Brochure
Garg - Telemedicine - Retinal Physician Mag
2013 Residents' Day Agenda
2013 Residents' Day Agenda
Tema Eye Survey Blindness
Budenz article published in Ophthalmology
Tema Glaucoma Prevalence Paper
Budenz article published in JAMA Ophthalmology
2013 Residents' Day Program
Summer 2013 Newsletter
Summer 2013 Newsletter
2011 UNC Eye Newsletter
New Chairman arrives at UNC Eye.
2010 UNC Eye Newsletter
Growing our faculty.
2009 Scientific Newsletter
Expansion continues for UNC Eye with addition of three new faculty.
2009 Patient Newsletter
New technology enhances patient care and physician training.
2008 Scientific Newsletter
Kittner Eye Center dedicated.
2008 Patient Newsletter
Kittner Eye Center dedicated.
2008 Patient Newsletter-
FINAL 2013 Newsletter
2013 FINAL Newsletter
2013 FINAL SUM Newsletter
Winter 2014 Newsletter old version
Winter 2014 Newstletter
Winter 2014 Newsletter
2014 Newsletter - edited
2014 UNC Eye Symposium brochure
UNC EYE Symprosium brochure - for web
Final Dry Eye Management System
2014/2015 Clinical Faculty Composite
Donor Brochure 2014
Ocular Oncology 1-pager
Winter 2015 UNC Eye Newsletter
Winter 2015 UNC Eye NewsletterFINAL
UNC Eye Medical Student Rotation Application
Fall 2014 Winter 2015 Newsletter
2015 UNC Eye Symposium Brochure
2015 Med Student Rotation Application
UNC DEMS Instructions
Catalys Laser Brochure