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To submit a contract for review, please complete the Contract Request Form, and submit any draft documentation, to OPSCA using the “Submit a Contract for Review” tab on this page. Contracts should be submitted for review as soon as possible to avoid delays.

To facilitate OPSCA review:

  • CRFs should include all requested information.
  • The CRF submittor should include the name of a Contract Administrator, who is positioned to answer questions from OPSCA about the Agreement.
  • Be as specific as possible when describing the proposed engagement.
  • Include any special instructions (for example, “wet ink” or rush requests) on the CRF.
  • Ensure that the submission contains the entire document to be reviewed, including exhibits and attachments.
  • Attach the completed clinical PSA Term Sheet when applicable.

Once Submitted, OPSCA will create a record for each request. The submitter will receive an email confirming submission and a tracking number, which may be used to reference the agreement and check on agreement status. As OPSCA proceeds with any negotiation that may be necessary, the CRF Submitter and the Contract Administrator may be copied on various emails or asked for more information.

Review and Negotiation

Timelines for Review

OPSCA strives to offer efficient review and exceptional service to all School of Medicine Departments and Centers. To that end, requests will be reviewed and processed in order received. Time for review will depend on the complexity of the contract and the responsiveness of the external entity.

Responsibility for Contract Terms and Conditions

Legal Review

OPSCA will collaborate with the Office of University Counsel and each Department as necessary to ensure that each contract will be legally binding, that the terms are consistent with University policy and applicable laws and regulations. OPSCA will coordinate with other administrative departments on campus (including the Privacy Office and the Conflict of Interest Office) to facilitate review and approval for each contract.

Financial and Operational Review

Each department should read through the contract (and all related attachments and exhibits), and ensure that the business and operational terms accurately reflect the proposed engagement.  This includes the the compensation rates, scope and dates of service, schedule of services, payment schedule and invoicing frequency, and any other relevant operational terms. For clarity, each unit remains responsible for ensuring that the budget reflect fair market value for services provided. When submitting a contract for review, please note if changes to the draft are needed and confirm that the final form is acceptable before approval.

Approval and Execution

Departmental Approvals

OPSCA will not sign a contract until it has been reviewed and approved by the sponsoring Department Chair. The Chair may delegate this authority to certain individuals within their Department but must formally communicate to OPSCA their intent to do so. OPSCA will provide the Department Chair with a form letter that may be revised to meet the needs of each Department. Revisions to any formal delegation may be made by communication to OPSCA.

Departments may choose to implement their own internal contract approval and routing procedures. If the Contract Administrator (as identified in the CRF form) is different from the person authorized to approve the contract, the Contract Administrator shall ensure that Chair (or the Chair’s Designee, as indicated to OPSCA) has all relevant information needed to assess the contract for acceptability.

If a contract will involve the use of UNCH resources or personnel, Departments should reach out to the appropriate UNCH service area leader to obtain approval prior to submitting a CRF. OPSCA will not move forward with executing the contract without UNCH approval.

External Signatures

OPSCA will work with the department to obtain any signatures that may be required from the external organization(s). Due to our complex signature delegation, the University strongly prefers to be the last party to sign the document.

University Signature

The University Policy on Signing Contracts establishes a formal delegation and authorization for signing contracts on behalf of the University. Only authorized individuals may sign contracts, and the University may declare any contract purportedly signed on behalf of the University to be null and void if the individual who signed the contract does not possess the appropriate signature authority.


Management and Record Retention

Contract Management

Each Department is responsible for meeting all milestones established in the contract, ensuring that all services are rendered or received as described in the contract, and confirming that revenue generated pursuant to the contract is received and deposited into an appropriate account. Further, the Department will notify OPSCA if a contract needs to be amended, terminated, or renewed. For contracts that autorenew , the Department should (no more frequently than annually) review the compensation due under a contract to ensure that it remains consistent with fair market value.

Record Retention

Each unit should maintain the records relating to their contracts for a period of time as required by the University’s General Records Retention and Disposition Schedule.