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UNC Department of Orthopaedics is pleased to recognize two teams of UNC School of Medicine (SOM) collaborators who were named DEI Mini Grant Awardees in August 2022 as part of an Office of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion pilot program. The Department’s awardees were chosen in the program’s inaugural year for their development and facilitation of initiatives that advance UNC School of Medicine DEI aims and achievements.

This year, funding ranging from $1,500 – $2,000 was awarded to DEI Mini Grant teams to support research, programs, conferences, trainings and other initiatives that promote underrepresented minority (URM) and DEI interests across the SOM. Distinctively, two UNC Orthopaedics teams out of nine total were named DEI Mini Grant Awardees in 2022. In the coming year, award funding will advance the Department’s focus on outreach and scholarships that support URM and female medical students who are pursuing careers in orthopaedics.

UNC Orthopaedics: 2022 UNC School of Medicine Office of DEI Mini Grant Awardees

  1. Megan Patterson, MD and Rick Baker, PhD* 

Hosting a Perry Initiative Medical Student Outreach Program at UNC-Chapel Hill. The Perry Initiative is a national program created to encourage women to pursue careers in orthopaedics and engineering.

  1. Megan Patterson, MD, and Philip Clark, MBA 

Supporting scholarships for fourth year medical students from underrepresented backgrounds who have a competitive application for orthopaedic residency.


PHOTO (L to R): UNC Orthopaedics Associate Professor Megan Patterson, MD / * UNC Biochemistry & Biophysics Assistant Professor Rick Baker, PhD / UNC Orthopaedics Associate Chair for Administration Philip Clark, MBA