UNC-Chapel Hill is one of the leading funded research universities in the country, and through collaborations with leaders in musculoskeletal disciplines, the Department of Orthopaedics is able to bring cutting edge research to its patients, students and researchers.

The department has strong research collaborations with UNC Rheumatology and the Thurston Arthritis Center; UNC Exercise and Sports Science; UNC Division of Physical Therapy and the Joint Biomedical Engineering Departments of UNC and N.C. State. These collaborations give our physician scientists access to cutting edge, world leading researchers and enable us to engage in translational research that brings research from the lab to the real world.

Basic Science Facilities

Orthopaedics Basic Science Lab in the Glaxo Building is a core resource that is used by our researchers to advance the field of research into musculoskeletal diseases and treatments.


Glaxo Building
110 Mason Farm Road, CB#7028
University of North Carolina
Chapel Hill, 27599-7028

Current Funded Research Projects

  • Cartilage Health Following ACL Injury: Comprehensively Evaluation the Early Biochemical and Biomechanical Influences Leading to Posttraumatic Osteoarthritis; (PI: Pietrosimone, Co-I: Jeffrey Spang). Funded by NATA.
  • Posttraumatic Osteoarthritis: Establishing a Comprehensive Evaluation Strategy; (PI: Pietrosimone, Co-I: Jeffrey Spang). Funded by NIH.
  • Vibratory stimuli: A novel rehabilitation method for preventing post-traumatic knee osteoarthritis; (PI: Blackburn, Co-Is: Jeffrey Spang, David Berkoff, Paul Weinhold). Funded by DOD-CDMRP
  • Development of a Functional Osteochondral Replacement Graft: 3D Tissue Engineering and Biomimetic Stem Cell Guidance (PI: Jeffrey Spang) Funded by OREF.
  • 3D Printing of Fibrous Tissue Engineered Medical Products: A New Paradigm for Tissue Biofabrication and Therapeutics. (Co-I: Jeffrey Spang) funded by GRIP award NCSU.
  • Angiogenic Suture for Stimulation of Digital Flexor Tendon Healing; (PI: Draeger, co-I: Weinhold), Funded by UNC Junior Faculty Award
  • Evaluation of the osteogenic benefits of low intensity pulsed ultrasound and local vibration in an in vivo rodent osseointegration model; (PI= Paul Weinhold) Funded by NSF