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**Zoom li nk to be emailed before the event**



Friday\, June \;4\, 2021 \;

< /tr>

1:00 –\; \;1:10 \;pm \; \;

Welcome \;& amp\; \;Introduction \;

James Sanders\, MD \;

1:10 –\; \;1:35 \;am \;&n bsp\;

Raney Presentation \; \;

< p class=MsoNormal style='mso-margin-top-alt:auto\;mso-margin-bottom-alt:au to'>Shawn Feinstein\, M D \;

Topic:  \;Defining General Orthopedics in the Setting of Increased \;Subspecialization \;Throughout Orthopedic Surger y. \;

1:35  \;–\; \;2:00 \;pm \; \;

Raney Prese ntation \;

Daniel \;Marchwiany\, MD \;

Topic: \;Morbidly Obese Patient s with Successful Weight Loss Before and After Primary Total Hip and Knee Arthroplasty \;

2:00 \;–\; \;2:25 \;pm \;

< p class=MsoNormal>Raney Pr esentation \;

Arvind Narayanan\, MD \;

Topic: \;Musculoskeletal Health Lit eracy is Associated with Outcome and Satisfaction of Total Knee \;Arth roplasty \;

2:25 \;–\; \;2:50 \;pm \;

Raney Presen tation \; \;

Sonal Sodha\, MD \;

Topic: \;Orthopaedic \;Consult Vo lume during COVID-19 Normalizes Within Three Months After \;Stay at Ho me \;Order \;

2:50 \;–\; \;3:15 \;pm \;

Ran ey Presentation \;

Kurt Stoll\, MD \;

Topic: \;Patient Grit Correlates wit h Postoperative Functional and Pain Scores Following Rotator Cuff Repair&n bsp\;

< p class=MsoNormal> \;3 :15 –\; 3:25 pm

Break \;

3:25 \;–\; \;4:25 \;pm  \; \;

50th Annual R. Beverly Raney Lecture

Healthcare Value Cre ation and Alternative Payment Models \;

< span style='font-size:12.0pt\;font-family:"Arial"\,sans-serif\;mso-fareast -font-family:"Times New Roman"\;color:#4F4F4F'>Joseph Bosco\, MD \;

4:25 –\; \;4: 30 pm \; \;

Final Raney Words &\; Wrap Up \;

Dr. Sanders< /span> \;