(Tuesdays, 12:00 noon, in 321 MacNider or G010 Bondurant; Pizza will be served at 11:45)

January 16 — MacNider 321
Qing Zhu (Advisor—Joan Taylor, PhD)
“GRAF1 is a novel regulator of cardiac mitophagy”

February 13 — MacNider 321
Sabri Abdelwahab (Advisor—Mehmet Kesimer, PhD)
“Effect of Waterpipe Smoke on the Airway Mucosal Barrier and Innate defense”

February 27 — Bondurant G100
Katie Stember
(Advisor—Ron Falk, MD)
“Identifying Autoreactive Cells and Pathogenic Epitopes in MPO-ANCA Vasculitis”

March 13 — MacNider 321
Jean Marie Mwiza (Advisor—Monte Willis, MD, PhD)
“MuRF1 deficiency protects mice against Lipopolysaccharide (LPS)-mediated
cardiomyopathy via the modulation of Nuclear Factor Kappa B (NF-kB) pathway”

Erin Smithberger (Advisor—Ryan Miller, MD, PhD)
“Glioblastoma: The Effects of PTEN and EGFR mutations on cell signaling”

March 27 — MacNider 321
Sravya Kattula
(Advisor—Alisa Wolberg, PhD)
“Role of Factor XIII in Venous Thromboembolism”

April 24 — MacNider 321
Rachel Dee (Advisor—Joan Taylor, PhD)
“Biochemical regulations of GRAF3, a smooth-muscle specific RhoA GAP”

May 1 — MacNider 321
Bethany Wagner (Advisor—Scott Williams, PhD)
“Mechanisms of Oral Carcinogenesis”

Matthew Combs (Advisor—Joan Taylor, PhD)
A Role for GRAF1 in Cardiac Metabolic Reprogramming

May 8 — MacNider 321
Krystal Orlando (Advisor—Buddy Weissman, PhD)
“The role of BRG1 loss in SCCOHT development”

May 22 — MacNider 321
Johnny Cabrera (Advisor—Al Baldwin, PhD)
“SGK1 and SGK3 control the NF-κB pathway by phosphorylating NEMO at S178”

Abigail Shelton (Advisor—Ryan Miller, MD, PhD)
“Dissecting Tyrosine Kinase Inhibitor Resistance in EGFR-driven Glioblastomas
Using Kinome Profiling”

May 29 — MacNider 321

BBSP Student/New Student End-of-Year Presentations

“The Role of Macrophage Polarization in Induction of Foam Cell Formation”
Christian Agosto-Burgos


“Elucidating Ankyrin-B’s Tissue Dependent Role in
Branched Chain Amino Acid (BCAA) Catabolism”
Taylor Dismuke


“Intra-Tumoral Heterogeneity Characterization in
Basal-Like Mammary Tumors”
Cherise Glodowski

“Incorporating Tumor, Immune, and Stroma Subtypes to Help Predict
Clinical Outcomes within Basal-Like Breast Cancer”
Alina Hamilton


“Immunopathology of ANCA-Associated Vasculitis”
Carolina Herrera

“Investigating the Effect of Trametinib on the Gene Expression Profiles
of HCC1143 and SUM149PT Cells”
Angana Mukherjee