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Research Interests

My main areas of interest are in two areas: thrombosis and vein graft complications. In the field of thrombosis and hemostasis, I have developed novel models for inducing thrombosis and for intravital fluorescence imaging of thrombus development. Recent applications of these models and evaluative measures have explored the roles of a number of thrombosis-associated factors in augmenting or inhibiting clot formation: tissue factor pathway inhibitor, polyphosphate, surface-exposed collagen, elevated prothrombin, and several standard and new anti-platelet agents and anticoagulants. Continuing studies are exploring related thrombus-modulating factors and novel approaches to preventing thrombosis.

A major complication of bypass vein grafting is the development of neointimal thickening and inward remodeling of the graft, leading to vein graft stenosis. The sources of cells within the neointimal layer as well as the causative factor(s) for neointimal development are still not well characterized. A recent novel finding is that vein endothelial cells can undergo transdifferentiation into a smooth muscle phenotype within the developing neointima upon grafting into an arterial environment. This endothelial-mesenchymal transdifferentiation process is mediated by TGF-beta, following a Smad2/3-Slug cell signaling pathway. Future studies will be directed at dissecting this TGF-mediated process, with a goal of determining new therapeutic approaches for inhibiting vein graft stenosis.

Intravital fluorescence imaging of mouse carotid artery with electrolytic injury applied for 30 seconds to a 150-micron region on the outer surface. The video shows a time-lapse development of subsequent thrombus growth, embolization, and regrowth (flow from left to right), over 60 minutes (1 second of playing time equals 2 minutes of thrombogenesis time). Platelets are shown in red; fibrin (anti-fibrin) is shown in green. Bar = 300 microns (vessel diameter ~400 microns).
(from Cooley BC: In vivo fluorescence imaging of large-vessel thrombosis in mice. Arterioscler Thromb Vasc Biol 31:1351-1356, 2011. PMCID: PMC3098306)

Selected Publications

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