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Research Interests

The Gulley Lab studies virus-related malignancies including lymphoma and carcinomas (nasopharyngeal, oropharyngeal and gastric) as well as premalignant lesions and non-invasive tests of neoplasia. Molecular and immunologic techniques are used to charaterize lesions or specimens in ways that improve diagnosis and management of affected patients. Tests used to classify and monitor virus-related malignancies include sequencing panels of human and viral targets, faster and cheaper DNA/RNA amplification methods, EBER in situ hybridization and other histochemical localization methods. A related focus of clinical research is to advance the use of genomic technology in diagnostic pathology, with the aim of improving outcomes for patients with cancer, inflammatory, heritable, and infectious disease.

Research Services

Unique Technical and Clinical Research Capabilities/Instrumentation: Facilities are available for tissue and plasma banking, DNA /RNA extraction, PCR and rtPCR, ddPCR, in situ hybridization, and massive parallel sequencing of DNA and RNA, and other assays targeting a wide variety of clinically-relavant human genes or infectious agents.

CLIA grade assays may be developed such as integral biomarkers supporting clinical trials, with an option to implement them at UNCHealth clinical laboratories.

Standard Charges:  Testing may be done on a fee for service basis or by contract.  Charges are lower for UNC collaborators.  Interpretation by a pathologist is feasible.


Next Generation Sequencing $2013

Next Generation Sequencing panels quantify selected human and/or viral genes in tissue or plasma/serum, and can be custom to a study or bespoke to each specimen.  RNA expression profiling by arrays is also available.

Paraffin block $93

PCR  $312

PCR quantifies selected gene variants or viral genomes or products, or endogenous controls

In Situ Hybridization $139

ISH localizes gene products or viral signals (e.g. EBV, selected HPV types)

Immunohistochemistry $362

Nucleic acid extraction $21

Course in Molecular Diagnostics

Biennially, the Department offers a comprehensive, one-month course in Molecular Diagnostics and CytogeneticsResidents and fellows are immersed in molecular technologies and medical consultations led by >50 expert faculty and technical staff.  By participating in Course Activities that emphasize laboratory administration, ethics, and assay validation opportunities, trainees become confident practitioners as they also build a solid foundation for lifelong learning in this rapidly changing discipline.

Training Programs

Information on fellowship training opportunities at UNC in Molecular Genetic PathologyLaboratory Genetics & Genomics, and Clinical Microbiology is available. Physician and PhD scientists are prepared for careers in healthcare or translational medical science.  Prior published work from Gulley Lab, many of which were co-authored by postdoctoral trainees and clinical residents/fellows, listed at illustrates gene tests we applied to specimens from patients with cancer, infection, heritable or inflammatory disorders.  Trainees deliver talks and posters at local or national meetings about their methods, results, and medical implications.

Clinical Services

The McLendon Clinical Laboratories at UNC Hospitals offer a wide variety of clinical laboratory tests.