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Chief Toxicologist, N.C. Office of the Chief Medical Examiner

Research Interests

Research interests are focused on analytical toxicology methodologies and emerging drug trends.  The rapidly evolving instrumentation utilized for analytical toxicology has allowed for the development of new techniques that have historically been lacking in sensitivity and specificity for biological specimens.  High-Resolution Mass Spectrometery (HRAM) and Tandem Mass Spectrometry (QQQ) method development and validation are of particular interest to me and has allowed Forensic Toxicology Laboratories to address emerging drug trends that are impactful in both behavioral and postmortem toxicology casework.  The emergence of synthetically derived drug analogs and other novel psychoactive substances (NPS) has emphasized the need for additional research in the analytical detection methodologies.  Additional research on the impact of these substances on public health and programs focused on drug trends remains a focus of the Toxicology Laboratory at NC OCME.

List of publications from PubMed

Jason S. Hudson