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Racine, Wisconsin


University of Wisconsin-Madison



Medical School

Medical College of Wisconsin


Moved to North Carolina by myself, but I have two brothers, a sister, and a dog (a briard) back in Wisconsin

Favorite Hobbies

Running, gaming, playing and following sports, drawing. I play guitar (not very well) and I also build guitars (fun trivia: this hobby is technically called “lutherie”).

Favorite Restaurant/Take-out

I am still learning about the restaurants in the area but so far I’ve enjoyed Mediterranean Deli.

If I Wasn’t a Pathologist, I Would Be a…

Realistically, some sort of biosciences researcher. Fun answer: a cartoonist!

On My Next Weekend Not on Call, I Would Be…

Checking out some of the cool museums and coffee shops in the Triangle area.

Favorite Thing About Pathology

I like that pathologists serve as a bridge between clinical medicine and the laboratory. I feel like pathology combines the intellectual stimulation of working in a basic sciences lab with the sense of tangible, day-to-day purpose that comes from providing clinicians with answers so they can help their patients!


John Brennan