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Robert Screen, MD


Tucson, AZ aka the “dirty T”


The University of Arizona. Bear down!


Physiology & Nutrition

Medical School

University of Nevada, Reno School of Medicine.


2 sisters, 1 brother, and Fred the tree frog. I’m the oldest, unless Fred isn’t telling me something…

Favorite Hobbies

All sports/outdoor activities, most indoor activities, and really anything in between. I’m always game to try something new.

Favorite Restaurant/Take-out

P.F. Changs, but only until the Eastern states discover In-n-Out

If I Wasn’t a Pathologist, I Would Be a…

Country Music Artist. Garth Brooks, here I come.

On My Next Weekend Not on Call, I Would Be…

I’d be exploring the world!

Secret Talent

Baking bomb sourdough bread (the secret is in the yeast)

Favorite Thing About Pathology

All of the lovely people in the field, but especially the pretty colors (sorry radiology)


Dr. Screen