Jonathon Homeister, MD, PhD

Jonathon W. Homeister, MD, PhD

Associate Professor

Director, Graduate Program in Pathobiology
and Translational Science

Office: 919-966-9748
FAX: 919-966-6718

Research Interests

Glycobiology of Leukocyte Adhesion in Atherosclerosis
Our cardiovascular research laboratory studies the glycobiology (glycoprotein- and/or glycolipid-dependent biologic processes) inherent to the pathogenesis of inflammatory vascular and blood disease processes. We are particularly interested in understanding the glycobiology of the leukocyte adhesion cascade as a critical early component of inflammatory and immune-mediated processes, including atherosclerosis. Our work in this area focuses on understanding how the selectin-type adhesion molecules and their glycoprotein receptors contribute to the recruitment of various leukocyte types at the sites necessary for atherosclerotic disease development and progression. Particular attention is directed toward understanding the role of two enzymes, alpha(1,3)-fucosyltransferase IV and VII, in the synthesis of active selectin adhesion molecule ligands used for leukocyte homing and trafficking in vascular disease. Please see our laboratory website for additional information.

Glycobiology of Thrombosis
We are also interested in understanding the glycobiology of thombosis and hemostasis. P-selectin and its fucosylated ligand, PSGL-1, serve as one of a number of recently identified biologic links between the coagulation cascade and inflammatory responses. Our studies have shown that mice deficient in the alpha(1,3)-fucosyltransferases IV and VII demonstrate an altered susceptibility to thrombosis that does not correlate with the synthesis of selectin ligand activity traditionally ascribed to these enzymes. We are particularly interested in understanding the underlying mechanisms by which fucosyltransferase activity modulates the susceptibility to thrombosis. Please see our laboratory website for additional information.

Clinical Interests

Cardiovascular and autopsy pathology; forensic pathology.


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