Monte Willis, MD, PhD

Monte S. Willis, MD, PhD, FCAP, FAHA

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Principal Investigator, McAllister Heart Institute,
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Director, Campus Health Services Laboratory, UNC at Chapel Hill
Director, Sweat Chloride Testing, UNC Hospitals
Assistant Director, Clinical Core (Chemistry) Laboratory, UNC Hospitals

Contact information

Office: MBRB 2340B; phone number: (919) 843–1938
Research Laboratory: MBRB 2336; Office phone number: (919) 843–2757
Pager: (919) 216–5652
Skype: montewillis

Research Interests

The role of the ubiquitin–proteasome system in regulating molecular mechanisms of cardiac disease


Resident, Clinical Pathology, University of Texas Southwestern 2001–2004
Post-Doctoral Fellowship, University of Texas Southwestern 2002–2004
Resident, Clinical Pathology, University of North Carolina, 2004–2005


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Current Funding

National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute (NIH): Sept 1, 2010–May 31, 2019
Title: Myocyte specific regulation of metabolism and the response to biomechanical force (R01HL104129)
Role: Principal Investigator

Foundation LeDucq: January 2012–Dec 2016
Title: Proteotoxicity: an unappreciated mechanism of heart disease and its potential for novel therapeutics
Role: Member