Ruth Lininger

Ruth A. Lininger, MD, MPH

Associate Professor

Office: 984-974-9145


Research Interests

I study cancer prognostic markers in breast and endometrial cancer, especially those related to hormonal carcinogenesis, including ER alpha and beta, PR, related coactivators, and PTEN pathway. I have an interest in molecular epidemiology, including effect of environmental agents on cancer risk and expression of molecular markers in breast cancer. I am involved in an ongoing study of genomic expression in endometrial cancer, and in endometrium from women with hormonal states that predispose to endometrial cancer (eg. women with infertility and polycystic ovarian cancer syndrome), to attempt to define the genomic profiles of these subsets, compared to normal endometrium. I also have a research interest in antiviral and anticancer activities of natural substances used in alternative medicine therapies.


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