Program Description: The Department of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine offers a one-year research experience (fellowship) available on a competitive basis to residents in the Department of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine.
Goal of Fellowship: To offer an opportunity for UNC pathology residents to gain experience, knowledge, and skills in an area of basic experimental pathology research. The research must be focused on discovering or elucidating basic mechanisms of disease. More applied/correlative/clinical research experiences can be obtained in the various clinical fellowships in anatomic pathology and laboratory medicine available to UNC residents.
Stipends: Fellowship stipends are based on the trainee’s number of years of postdoctoral training and the current UNC Hospitals’ Housestaff salary scale.
Fellowship Director: William K. Funkhouser, Jr., MD, PhD
Selection Committee: The Fellowship Director, as Committee Chair, and three additional faculty members, evaluate research proposals submitted by applicants for the Fellowship. The current committee members are Drs. Church, Funkhouser, Maygarden, and Weissman.
Advisor: A faculty member who has agreed to direct, oversee, and facilitate the research efforts of the Fellow.
Timing: After the fourth year of residency (usually year five, but possibly year six).
Application Process: Residents who are interested in the Research Fellowship will identify a faculty advisor who is willing to work with them to develop a research project in an area of mutual interest. This usually will be at least one year prior to the start of the Fellowship (and may be earlier), which will allow time to prepare for the Fellowship (e.g., refine research protocols, obtain necessary supplies and equipment, collect preliminary data during an elective). The applicant will develop a research proposal in NIH format that will be reviewed by the Selection Committee. Fellows will be selected based on the merit of the proposal. The Fellowship will be awarded only when a proposal is considered suitable for the goals of the fellowship program.
Funding: The Department will pay a stipend to the resident commensurate with the level of training; and will provide a $5,000 bench fee to the Advisor’s laboratory.
Evaluation: At the end of the Fellowship, the Fellow will prepare a summary of the research (preferably as one or more manuscripts for publication) and will present a seminar to the Department at one of the weekly research conferences.