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Welcome to the Pediatric Nephrology Rotation!

1. We look forward to helping you both enjoy and maximally benefit from your experiences over the next 4 weeks. We hope you will take advantage of your elective time to broaden your exposure to issues related to kidney health and disease in children, and to solidify your knowledge of renal physiology.

2. The attending will change about every 1-2 weeks. Please check with your attending on call for any changes in the schedule. There is a pediatric nephrology fellow on service 50% of the time who will also work with you.

3. The resident(s) and/or student(s) on elective will be given priority for new consults, as they provide excellent learning opportunities. Unless otherwise specified, you are expected to write daily notes on consult patients, and communicate recommendations to the primary team.

4. There are pediatric nephrology cases/questions for you to work through time permitting. We will review answers to those cases by the end of your rotation.

5. On the last week of your rotation at the Post-Clinic Patient Care Conference, we would like you to present a 5-minute talk on your chosen renal topic before Peds Fellows Conference or Inpatient Review. Please limit your presentation to 5 minutes as there are many patients to review in this hour.

6. Below is a typical weekly schedule:

7:40 Morning Report Pre-round/

Morning Report


Morning Report

Pediatric Grand Rounds (8:00) Pre-round/

Morning Report

8:30/9:00 Renal Clinic

ACC 3rd floor

Nephrology Clinic

Round on Consults Round on Consults Round on Consults Round on Consults
12:00 Gen Peds Noon Conference Gen Peds Noon Conference Gen Peds Noon Conference Gen Peds Noon Conference Gen Peds Noon Conference
1:15 Pathology Conf

(3rd fl.Women’s Hospital)

2:30 Post-clinic meeting

(7th flBW)

3:00 Inpatient Review

(7th flBW)

3:15 Peds Fellows Conf
(7th flBW)
4:00 Nephrology Journal Club (7th BW) Adult neph Fellows Conference

(7th BW)

Renal Grand Rounds

(G100 Bondurant)

*Nephrology Offices & Conferences are located on 7th floor Burnett Womack

*Green Team Rounds occur on the 6th floor Children’s Hospital


Attendings: Keisha Gibson, Dorey Glenn, Keia Sanderson, Katherine Westreich, William Primack
Fellows: Kiri Bagley, Erica Bjornstad, Elizabeth Kotzen
Staff: Lynn McCoy, RN (Transplant Coordinator) & Sandy Grubbs, PNP (Research)
Patient Care Coordinator: Kristi Bickford