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The Attending on the inpatient service (and Fellow, if there is one on service) will be one of your supervisors for the elective, and will help fill out your evaluation at the end of the month. Input will also be obtained from other faculty members.

Suggested activities include:

  • Do literature searches on patient related problems or topics of interest, synthesize a summary of your findings, and report back to the team. A website has been established for the Pediatric Pulmonology Division that includes a list of review articles. This is usually a good starting place for your reading, but you will often need to supplement this reading with more current articles from your literature searches.
  • Participate in conferences relevant to the service (see attached schedule template)
  • Learn history taking elements relevant to respiratory disease
  • Learn chest physical examination skills and correlate with lung anatomy
  • Learn basic interpretation of lung function studies including spirometry, blood gases, and pulse oximetry
  • For most non-emergent inpatient consultations, do the initial history taking, physical examination, and gathering of data, and then present the case to the attending and fellow
  • Participate in inpatient evaluation and management of cystic fibrosis (CF), asthma, apparent life-threatening event (ALTE), chronic lung disease of prematurity, gastroesophageal reflux-associated respiratory symptoms (apnea, recurrent pneumonia, wheezing), complicated pneumonia, hemoptysis, interstitial lung disease, immunocompromised children with pneumonia, tracheostomy dependent children, patients with upper airway obstruction/obstructive sleep apnea and suspected tuberculosis.
  • Prepare and give a 10 minute presentation on a topic related to a patient of interest at Chest Conference. The Attending and/or Fellow will assist you with choice of patient and topic, and give you guidance as to the expected format of the talk.
  • You may also participate in Pulmonary team inpatient work rounds, which are held with the Blue Team. However, this is optional if you have already had rotations on the Blue team.