Helpful Hints to Start the Clerkship
Pediatric Physical Exam
Team Member Roles and Expectations
Bright Futures - Guidelines for Health Supervision of Children
Bright Futures is an initiative led by the American Academy of Pediatrics to offer a uniform set of recommendations for health care professionals.
Well Child Chart: Newborn to 18 Months
Well Child Chart: 24 Months - 18 Years
Growth Chart Information
Medical Abbreviations and Writing Prescriptions
Discharge Summary
After the Death of a Child: Helping Bereaved Parents and Brothers and Sisters
Model for Family Centered Rounds
Useful Websites
Write-Up Guide
This was designed to serve as a reference source in the writing of the formal history and physical examination on the Pediatric Clerkship. What follows is comprehensive and extremely thorough, such that all aspects of a complete H&P may be considered. It may be appropriate to defer some parts of the history or physical in certain situations. The extent of the appropriate history and physical should be discussed with your attending. All write-ups should be formatted in SOAP, not APSO format. Prior to submitting your H&P, remove all identifying patient information for HIPPA compliance.
Diagnosing Otitis Media: Otoscopy & Cerumen Removal
Video from Phil Kaleida, MD; Clerkship Director at University of Pittsburgh and his colleagues
Information for Students Considering Pediatric Residency Training
Feedback Video